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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Garage Boys

So we went to Vegas over the weekend. We get there Thursday night and we check into the Flamingo Hotel (where we were staying on the strip). The night was young. We wanted to check out what was going down on the strip. We heard there was Karaoke at the Hotel/ Casino next to ours so we went to go check it out. On our way into O'Sheas, we pass by this band that is palying. Our mind is set on karaoke... so we continue on. We find karaoke and are entertained for a half hour or 45 minutes and then are done and head back out. We notice a lot of good looking men in O'Sheas. While we stopped to look around we hear the band saying something about our group of girls stopping. So we went over to listen to the band for a little bit. They are good AND super funny and entertaining, so we decide to sit and stay.

*This is when they played "Rock Band Style" ... you know... star power*

Their band was called The Garage Boys and we ended up staying until they were done playing for the night which was 1am. They just played cover songs and you could request just about anything and they would play it. They asked us a couple times what we wanted them to play and they played it. We loved them. Had a blast and told them thank you for the show, they told us they would be there all weekend and then we went back to our hotel. We decided that night as we were talking before going to bed that we had so much fun that we wanted to go back the next night and request more songs... including "Purple Rain" which you will hear more about later. So we planned our night accordingly. We showed up the next night and they were on their break from one of their sets. We went right up to them and asked them if they remembered us from the night before and they said of course and we requested our songs and they played them. Friday night they played even longer! They played until 3:30am and we stayed the whole time. With all of that time jamming out with them, we got the chance to talk to them a little bit more and get to know them a little. They were so much fun. When giving us attention during the show they would refer to us as the ladies from Utah. We mostly talked to and got to know Bryan, the leader of the band from Canada and Mike... who Vicki nick named Hottie McMohawk. He was pretty cute. Since they were becoming our Vegas BFF's we decided to get pictures with them.

When posing with Bryan, he wanted to do a sassy picture and "The Family Photo". ha ha. He is so funny.

With Mike

When the show was over that night, we thanked them again for another fun night and great show and hugged them goodbye because we were not sure what our plans were going to be the next night since we were going to be going to the Celine Dion concert and everything. They said we needed to come back again and that they would be playing late again... so we said we would see how the night went.

Well, our last night in Vegas did not exactly go according to plan. Celine Dion cancelled her show and I was a little mad. We missed our Vegas BFF's and just had to go back on our last night. It was what we did every night, why stop now? So we went back, they were happy to see us and gave us a little shout out and asked us how our concert went, we told them she cancelled and asked them to perform a Celine song for us... they did a little which was funny. Bryan said she gives Canadians a bad name. ha ha. We stayed until 3:30am again that night and even though it was crowded and full of crazy drunk people... we had a blast and sang and danced a long. On their breaks they would come and sit with us and chat the whole break which was fun. Bryan made sure to give me his card with all the info on it to keep in touch so we could become groupies and he asked me if I would put the video I recorded on their facebook page (check). I also dropped a note in their request bucket that they should come to Utah and they said they would if we found them a venue (we are working on it). We were sad to leave them. I know that seems silly, but we spent many hours with them. They were free entertainment that we know would be there and not cancel on us and we knew we would have a good time there and they enjoyed us (probably because we were the only ones that were not drunk) and we loved singing a long to the music and talking and hanging out with them. When you are not going to gamble or drink... this was a great place to go. They were our hero's of the trip. They made it really fun for us. Now we are all facebook friends and having fun chatting on there. ha ha

Thank you Garage Boys! We hope to see you jamming out soon!


Lori said...

You crazy party animal! 330am! Yikes man, I guess that's Vegas huh. So I guess this means Jason didn't go?!? All the better times with the girls.

Tracy said...

Yeah, Jason ended up bailing on the trip a few days before hand... which ended up being great... but it stunk because we had to find a place to stay and someone else to drive.

jamie hixon said...

I would have fallen asleep at the bar! Ha! Well, probably not, but I would have slept until noon the next day.

Um, PS those guys are really good! Talent. And you know I love me some "Devil Went Down to Georgia." I wish you had the video of us dancing to that song still.

T-Ray said...

Jamie, I'm pretty sure that I do! It is on a VHS tape somewhere. One of my many that I need to take in and convert onto DVD. Then one day I will learn how to put the video's on my computer so I can then put them online.