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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Birthday Party

Carly, who I met through Rachel... asked Rachel if she would help out with her daughter's birthday party last weekend. Rachel asked me if I would go help her bring stuff and help set up. I said I would. Because Harper was born in February, Carly wanted to have a cute Valentines birthday party for her. It turned out SUPER cute.

It was a table full of sweets (which was so hard for me not to eat it all... but I stayed pretty good and only tried a couple of things. They were SO good. :)  Here is how the table turned out. I loved the hanging balloons. You can also check out the treats on Rachel's blog.

She also had specialty drinks that Rachel and I put together at the party. Harper was more interested in the straws.

Here is Rachel and I were Carly. Then there is also a picture of me with Carly's sister Ali. She did my eyelash extensions from June until this month when she moved. They are both the sweetest.

Then there was the grand finally. The Cake! Rachel made it and I thought it turned out SO cute. She made it two layers... so that the top could be taken off for Harper to have her own cake to dig in. The bottom part was to serve to everyone else. Not only was it cute on the outside, but it was cute on the inside. Kind of like Rachel's rainbow birthday cake last year. Oh and it taste super good too.

Happy Birthday cute Harper Girl!


A Little Cuppa Tea said...

I need to post this tomorrow. Thanks for coming and helping out! The pictures turned out really cute!

jamie hixon said...

OH MY GOODNESS. The cuteness is simply overwhelming. I LOVE that cake. Holy cow! And that baby is ADORABLE. Stop it!