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Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegas Getaway

For about a year, Rachel and I have been talking about going down to Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert because we grew up loving her and we had heard that her show in Vegas was A-Mazing! So... about a month ago we finally decided we were going to do it and bought ticket's to her show. She doesn't perform all of the time, so we had to find when she was performing and then plan our trip accordingly.

We decided to make a fun girls trip out of it. Even Ashley flew in from AZ. Originally we were going to go with our friend Jason who is from there and he was going to drive and we were going to stay at his parents house... but he bailed out a few days before the trip. Awesome. Thanks Jason, your a champ. That didn't stop us though! We were determined to see Celine and have a fun weekend in Vegas. *In the picture below we are doing our Vegas Happy Dance*

In the end, we were actually really glad that Jason didn't come. Otherwise I don't think we would have done a lot of things on the trip that we ended up doing, like meeting The Garage Boys for example. Since our place to stay was no longer coming, we booked ourselves a hotel on the strip. We stayed at the Flamingo! Not the nicest of the hotels on the strip, but who cares... you are just sleeping there. Plus, it was right by many of the places we wanted to go. Including being across the street from where we needed to go to the Celine Dion concert. Besides the convenience, our favorite thing about the Flamingo hotel was the pink elevator. Holla!

Oh! I also can't forget that I loved staying at the Flamingo because it made me feel more at home. Why you ask? Well, because that is where Donny and Marie perform. Therefore, there are pictures of them everywhere there. Since they are LDS and from Utah... it just made me feel more at home. Everyday as I would pass the life size picture of Donny I would say... "Hey Donny! What's up? Good to see you again. Don't worry... CTR".

How to summarize the weekend. We did so much... I mean what didn't we do? Oh yeah, I will tell you what we didn't do. We didn't go to the Celine Dion Concert... the whole purpose of our trip! Why? She cancelled the show the day of. I guess she was sick. However, on our way out of our hotel that night I also saw that Donny and Marie had cancelled their show as well. A little fishy don't you think? Our theory was that Celine was out partying with Donny and Marie somewhere. Regardless, I was super sad and everything wrong that happened that night I blamed on her... like the blisters on my feet. Totally her fault. Oh yeah, and I put her on STO (Singer Time Out) until May. Even though we didn't get to see Celine, we did get to do a bunch of other stuff and had a blast. We ate at some super yummy places such as Serendipity. Ever been there? Best Frozen Hot Chocolate EVER!!!

Also went to Stripburger. SUPER good burger place. Everything I ate was amazing. We had the garlic fries. YUM!!! Oh and please take note that I ordered the Mexican Burger and that it is almost as tall as my water glass. Even after squishing it down, I STILL had a hard time fitting it into my mouth! P.S. Best waitress ever (which is why we got our pic with her. ha ha)

We saw Garage Boys perform every night. We shopped and walked around the strip. We saw some free shows on the strip. Went to a karaoke bar (SUPER funny). Girls night outback. We got photoshopped into some Vegas dancer pictures.... learned some magic tricks from a magician that didn't know who Prince was OR Celine Dion and kept calling Celine a he. What the what?!!! Anyway... fun was had and we were super tired EVERY DAY!

I also got to see Lolly, which is always one of the highlights of going to Vegas for me. I usually stay with her when I go, so this was my first true Vegas experience. I wished that I could have spent A LOT more time with Lolly, but I was so glad she drove to the crazy strip to visit me for an hour or so. She is such a good friend. Love her.

When I was packing, I was told that I needed to wear a sparkly outfit for the Celine Dion concert. Celine may have flaked out, but we still all wore our sparkly outfits out our last night. The Garage Boys noticed and said we all looked extra nice that night. Disco Ball at your service! ha ha. Me and Vicki's shirts are so bright that they reflect off of each other!


Thanks for such a fun trip girls! It was just what I needed!


Vicki S said...

Lovin this post! I heart Vegas! Had a blast with you girls <3

jamie hixon said...

SINGER TIME OUT?!? HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!!! That just made my day. I totally do that without thinking. When a band or a singer makes me grumpy for some reason. Lame that she cancelled. You should write her a letter and tell her how you went to Vegas just to see her show. She might fly you back out there. You never know.
Is that the Jack Sparrow made of wax, or was that somebody dressed up?
Looked like a fun time. Girls time is so awesome.
Oh, and YAY for having an excuse to wear that super sparkly shirt I gave you for Christmas a few years back.

T-Ray said...

He was not wax. It was a guy dressed up. He was walking past us and we stopped him and said we wanted a pic.