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Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Dinners

I usually don't go out to eat a lot, but this month has been full of birthday's where we have been celebrating with yummy food. I blogged about going out to eat for Rachel's birthday. The next weekend we went to Tucanos in SLC (because Provo was booked) to eat for Rachel and Vicki's birthday because you get a free dinner for your birthday month. We all prepared by hardly eating anything that day so we could stuff ourselves that night. Accomplished that. Check. I even tried Quail Egg and Chicken Heart.

Our waiter LOVED us. He was always coming over and checking on us and chatting it up. After we didn't need anything else he asked us if we had any other special requests, and I asked for kind of "special requests" he had in mind. ha ha. He did a little rap but wouldn't really perform much for us so we asked him if he would bring us all free ice cream. We were kind of joking, but he totally did.... so that was awesome.

After dinner Vicki and I somehow forgot where we park and were lost in the parking structure.... trying to find out car... for like 45 minutes. I wish I was joking. We even looked lost because these guys stopped and asked us if we lost our car and asked if they found it if they could hang out with us. Ha ha.... we ended up getting picked up by the golf cart and pretty much found the car minutes after that. It was kind of funny and kind of not at the same time.

The next weekend (this last one) we went to B-Dubs aka Buffalo Wild Wings for Vicki's birthday (her actual one). Turns out it was Jay's birthday the next day and he also loves B-Dubs, so he came along. The next night we went to Brick Oven for Jay's birthday. I'm done eating out for a while!

In case you are wondering, Jay and I are a lot more dressed up than everyone else because we went up to Murray and met up with some other people in the ward to go ballroom dancing.... which was really fun by the way. I needed to create some new and better memories there. I never took ballroom classes or anything, but I loved it and now I want more!!! ha ha.

Happy Birthday to all of my April friends. Good times were had!


jamie hixon said...

Fun. I love eating out. And you should take ballroom dancing, it is WAY fun. That is cool that you guys went dancing. y

Lynette Mills said...

I have been lost in that same parking structure. There must be something funny going on there.... ha ha.