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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Boxer

Last night our ward had our Talent show. I only found out about it a week ago... I didn't sign up. However, on Monday I was sitting next to one of my favorite people in the ward and my favorite person to sing with at church, Wes. He was going to sing a little barbershop number as he usually does for these types of events, but one of them was going to be out of town... so instead he looked at me and said you want to do a duet? Well... I never pass up a chance to sing. We went back and forth with different duets we could do and then we decided on "The Boxer" because we both love Simon & Garfunkel. We practiced a few times on Thursday night and then Friday was the show. I think it turned out pretty well.

I participated in the Talent show in a few different ways... I sang with Wes of course. I was also asked to bring in a few of my photographs to put on the display table. They do this to show you don't have to perform on stage to show your talent. I chose this which I have blown up on canvas in my office and this that I have blown up and framed in my India room. They were both a big hit. I had a lot of compliments on them which always makes me feel good. I also got a couple of comments of people reading my blog... which also makes me feel special. :o) I also helped come up with an idea and videotape a video that was shown at the Talent Show.... but I think we will save that for another blog post. All you need to know is that it was funny and it was very entertaining for me to help make it happen.

Wes and I absolutely LOVE singing together and we wanted to make sure it was recorded. I recorded us singing "Baby its Cold Outside" for the Christmas program, but I didn't feel like it was worth putting up... we won't talk about why.... however... this one is. So here is us singing at our Talent Show last night. Thanks to my roommate Tina for recording it for us.

P.S. In the middle people start laughing and I want to explain why. On each table there were little battery lit tea lights. During the middle of our song some people in the ward (I think tutoring and temple BFF Sara and her roommate Erica started it) started raising the tea lights and swaying them in the air from side to side. So they dimmed the lights in the audience to give a better affect for this and almost everyone was doing it. I wish Tina would have gotten it on video... but she wasn't sure if I would want her to do that. Anyway... it was awesome to see from the stage. That is why people are laughing.  :o)


Lynette Mills said...

how fun... I would have loved to hear it in person, but this was a good second best!

Todd and Christianne said...

You are one talented lady! I'm always amazed at everything you are doing and how WELL you do it.

Vivian said...

Wow Tracy! You sound great. I love that song and you two did it so well.

Lori said...

It sounded great Tracy! You are such a natural on stage too... i am always so shaky up there :)

jamie hixon said...

That was seriously good. I can't believe you all put that together so last minute. Well, actually, I CAN believe it because you are so talented, but the guy singing was great and the guitarist was fab too. Why don't you date him? ;)