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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 121

Death by donuts... that is what it is going to be for me if my co-workers keep buying donuts. I already love donuts, but what makes it even harder for me to say no is ever since my co-workers found out that the cake donuts are my favorite, they always get some of those.... just for me... and point out the fact that they did so. They don't do that for anyone else. How do you NOT eat one at this point? Yeah... I know. Impossible.

I have had travel on the mind since I just got back from another trip. I have been in SO many airports. Since I missed my flight on my way back from San Diego and had nothing but time to kill...  I was trying to think of how many airports I have been to. I mean... there are 7 that I have been to just in California. I don't think I ever figured it out. There are unique things about each airport though. Of course they try and fit the theme of the city... but some are nicer than others. Something I appreciate about the SLC airport is that they provide free internet. This is a nice thing. I was thinking I should go through all of the airports I have been to and rate them. Some I don't think I would remember too well though.

Speaking of airports, I really try and not have layovers when I fly if I can. I really hate layovers. I hate layovers even more when I am in a city that I want to visit someone... and I can't. On my way to my trip I had a layover in San Francisco (where they didn't get my bag on my next flight) and I wanted to visit my friend Kirsten so bad. Especially because she has a new baby that I am dying to meet. On my way back from my trip, layover was in AZ and I so badly wanted to go hang out with my sister and niece and nephew. It has been too long since I had seen them. Sadly I couldn't. Ugh. I guess I need to plan some more trips.

After not sleeping in a bed for 5 nights (1 on a couch and 4 on the hard ground) you REALLY appreciate your bed. At least when I came home I did. I fell asleep right away and slept through the night and it was the best thing ever. You know what else was awesome? A shower. I more enjoy one night camping rather than several nights. We still had a blast though. I just looked gross and probably was gross.

My friend Oliver that organized the trip takes all of his trips to National Parks (or so it seems). He has lived all over the place, so I think he has been to a lot of National Parks, which got me asking myself how many there actually are. I looked it up on wikipedea and it said there are 58. I counted and I think I have only visited 9. I haven't even been to all of the national parks in Utah! I think I may need to add that to my bucket list. "Visit all of the National Parks". ha ha That would be quite the accomplishment I think.

We had our 3rd softball game this week. I played a little bit and caught another fly ball... but the game just got too intense for me. I don't like people getting all worked up over the little things and don't play fair. I think it was a good game. We (both teams)  got each other out quickly because we were all catching almost every ball that was hit. Anyway, we still won and I had a lot of fun. My favorite part of the game was not when I caught the fly ball... but when Jay hit the ball and Brother Cope (who plays pitcher) saw it going straight for his face and in the blink of an eye he was on the ground. He has reflexes like a mongoose!

So I am a little bummed. I went all out for the viewing of the Solar Eclipse that happens every 10 years or so. On Wednesday was the Venus Transit happened and I didn't even get to look at it. Pretty sad since that will most likely not happen again in my lifetime. Bummer,  I guess a picture will have to do.

When I posted the Mario Kart Live pictures on facebook, everyone went nuts! I posted them online one night last week and the next day when I checked facebook I had over a hundred notifications about the Mario Kart pictures. I want it to go viral and then end up on a tv show... like Ellen. :)

I realized what when I write these posts a lot of times, it is late at night and sometimes I am half asleep. When I read back over them the next day, after I have posted, I see so many grammar and spelling mistakes and I go back and fix them. So sorry in advance for all of that. Now you know why. ha ha.

I finally got Instagram you guys. I know... a little behind everyone else, but at least I got it. Anyway, I'm still new to it and am not really sure how to find people... so follow me and I will follow you back. My name on there is tracyjean82. Add me!

Speaking of Instagram, this is a pic Liz took of me and Tara being creepers to my BFF neighbor. Don't ask me why.... it just happened.


flux biota. said...

If you want them to go viral go to www.9gag.com

They love mario cart stuff.

Sign up for an account. Load up some images. They were pretty epic.

Darrell said...

hahaha i love it

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I would have LOVED it if we could have seen each other on your layover! I am missing you like crazy, but so glad that you are having such fun adventures. Love you!

jamie hixon said...

Um, planning a trip to visit me?? Yes please! We also might come to Utah in a little bit because we want to meet Irelyn.
I'm pretty sure donuts were the cause of at least 10 pounds of weight gain when I was pregnant with Asher. I try to only have like 2 a year now. Luckily, most donuts around here are gross anyway.
Reflexes like a mongoose? Bahaha!
I'm on Instgram, but I am not consistent (surprise surprise) and I don't know my name. I will find you though.