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Monday, June 25, 2012

Celine Dion

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Celine Dion. The woman has pipes and nobody can deny that she has had many hits for decades. She also happens to have great ballads that are fun to sing along to. On a roadtrip to Cali with Rachel... we discovered that we both really loved her music and both had been really wanting to go to her concert in Vegas since she came back. So we talked about planning a trip to see her.

We bought ticket's like a month in advance to see her in February. We made a fun weekend girl trip out of it. We got out there and put on sparkly outfits ready to go to her concert... only to find out that it was cancelled. We were more than disappointed. Regardless of how annoyed we were at Celine, it didn't change the fact that we wanted to see her in concert. Right when we got back from that trip we bought ticket's to try again in June. Which brings us to this trip. 

Tina and I usually go down to St. George for a weekend to hang out and see a play, so we decided to combine the two activities. So we just drove down to Vegas Saturday afternoon for the concert. Luckily this time she didn't cancel and we got to see her. Let's be honest, I don't know if I would have tried a 3rd time had she cancelled again. 

To pump us up for the concert, we listened to her music the whole way there... and back. We were excited. We got to the theater. It was beautiful. Our seats were in the very back... but it didn't matter, you could see everything and the sound was amazing.We were also surrounded by some very hard core fans which was pretty entertaining (Asian guy to the left of us that knew all the words and bobbed his head and put his hand up when he got really into it).

My review on the concert. The theater was beautiful and the concert lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. She changed outfits at least 5 times throughout the show. She was classy. I didn't want her to perform Titanic'a "My Heart Will Go On" but I knew she would. They did this cool thing where they lifted her up on a platform while water fell down all around her which was pretty cool. The Orchestra was amazing and while she changed outfits different parts of the orchestra were highlighted. When the string section was highlighted they played Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal... which I was pretty happy about.  I was told that it was an awesome Vegas show with lots of dancers and such... none of that. Just a normal concert. Not sure if I cared too much about that or not. She did a lot of covers. More than I was expecting. She did Adele, Etta James, she did a duet with a virtual version of herself and a virtual version of Stevie Wonder. My favorite cover that she did was Billy Joel's Goodnight my Angel. Love that song and she sang it beautifully. In a way I liked that she did a lot of covers because you can listen to her songs anytime... but in another way, you go to her concert to hear her songs. Although when listening to all of her songs again... she does a lot of cover songs on her CD's as well. Most of all, she sounded amazing. It was just like listening to one of her CD's. She still has it. 

Overall I loved the concert and I was so glad that my roommates and I went and made that happen. 

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jamie hixon said...

Celine's back... get it?? Ha! Nice visual pun. Also, she has been in Vegas FOREVER! I can't believe that her concert is still there, and still popular. That is interesting that she does so many covers.