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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 124

When I was in St George, I went and got a pedicure by myself. For the first time... I didn't get a flower painted on my big toe. Instead... I decided to try glitter. Fun for the summer right? It sparkles in the sun. We will see if I like it enough to keep doing it. :)

I came to realize something this past week. I have become the backup girlfriend. There are two guys that call me every time their girlfriend is busy and can't hang out with them. Then they want to hang out with me? What the... how does that even happen? What are they thinking? Why did I become that? Ugh. Guys....

On a brighter note... I really like it when things remind people of me. I like that there are a lot of things that make me unique. I love it when someone sends me a funny link because it reminded them of me, or when people pin stuff at me on pintrest because it reminds them of me.... so on and so forth. Examples of this would be, people think of me when they see origami cranes or forts or the fail blog, Hot Rod or Simon and Garfunkle.... etc. Makes me feel special.

We had our 6th game in our stake softball tournament. We only have two more games and this last game was the first game where we had to switch locations. We couldn't play on an actual baseball field.   I guess we couldn't schedule the other place anymore and ended up playing at the park next to where we live. There are trees in the way and they were totally cramping my style. The team we played against was good. WE were not playing out best and were missing some of our key players at first... so for a while we were losing by a lot. I am competitive and of course want to win... however, I don't make a huge deal out of losing either. What I didn't appreciate however was the other team. They were winning and making a big deal out of every call and yelling at US for making a big deal out of things when we weren't saying it was only church ball. I would also like to note that our team is one of the only teams that plays by all the rules... playing the correct number of girls vs guys. We never call anyone out on this. We also always share our food with the other teams. We always give the calls that are on the fence to the other team AND we let anyone play that wants to play... even if they are not very good. We were NOT making a big deal out of the calls. I was next to the pitcher when someone on my team was trying to make a call on what he thought happened. The pitcher got all upset and said it was only church ball and there was no reason to get upset. In a nice voice I tried to stick up for my team and just tell her that nobody was upset. She turns to me, gives me a dirty look and said "please don't talk to me, I don't need that from you". Wow.... that turned my mood. I no longer wanted to play. It is not worth playing to have those kind of bad feelings going around just because we were catching up to their score. It was absurd. The worst part, we are all members of the same stake. I have seen her since that game and now have bad feelings towards her. I know that is my choice to take it that way.... and I choose to be offended, but I just don't understand the bad sportsmanship. It is just a game and not worth getting so upset. We ended up with a tie. Crazy huh? So.. technically, we still have not lost a game. I was so glad we caught up and didn't let them step all over us. I know I know... it shouldn't matter, but seriously, it was an intense game and it was such a victory to have our last guy make a home run and tie the game! Maybe you had to be there.

Later that evening I had the girls over to watch the Bachelorette in the fort. I can't tell you how entertaining it is. We love Arie and of course we love Jef and not just because he is good friends with our friend Chris in the ward. When I watch Jef's dates.... it totally reminds me of a lot of dates that I have been on because of the way he acts and what he talks about. You can totally tell he has had the Mormon upbringing. Just makes me sad he is not still active because he is such a cool guy. Example, his last one on one date with Emily they bought puppets and went to a Library and put on a puppet show for each other recapping their dating experience. Jef made a weird/awkward date funny and charming and cool. Seriously. My favorite lines from his puppet show were "I like your nail polish" and "Can we.... get a dog together". Totally random, but had us all laughing. Megan and I may have re watched the puppet show like 5 times. No big deal. We have fun making fun of that show. Especially now that Megan introduced us to the blog I hate green beans. So funny.

Also, while we were watching the Bachelorette, my friend Leanne in the ward came over and brought her ASTYM that she uses in the physical therapist office that she works at. It is a scraping tool that you use to break up scar tissue in the muscles. I already knew about this tool because I used to work for a Physical Therapist that used it quite a bit. However, he never worked on me. Leanne brought it over to work on Megan's leg.... but I asked her to work on my arms because I am so paranoid of getting carpal tunnel. Why you ask? Because not only do I have a desk job where I type at a computer all day, but I'm also a massage therapist AND I have been addicted to Guitar Hero. Thankfully I have not gotten it, but I don't want to. She worked on my arms and it was really helpful. Painful, but helpful. I wish I could get that done once a week. She did however show me some stretches though that could help me out.

It is Quarter End at work so it has been busy... but we get vouchers to get free food in the cafe which is nice. Today we went down and got the BBQ which was awesome. I LOVE BBQ season at work. At my parents house BBQ season is all year, but I do love work BBQ's. My pregnant co-worker injured herself while floating down the Provo river and is now going around in a wheelchair. Sometimes I wheel her to the restroom. Sometimes I sit in it and my manager pushes me around in it real fast around our floor. Yeah.... grown adults at work. The wheelchair has become our new department toy. ha ha. My co-workers are great. Tomorrow we are having a pot luck with a few other departments. Should be good. It will be good just for the fact that it will help me get to know more people that I work around and send emails to all the time but never had a real life conversation with them. ha ha.

Our ward had a pool party for FHE on Monday with a couple of other wards. I went last year and it was fun.  was going to go late this time.... but I ended up showing up as it ended. Yeah... I went to a surprise birthday party instead for my friend Dallin that I met at Lake Powell. TJ was throwing it, so Vicki and I thought we would go since we don't see them often. They are fun guys. Sadly, Dallin was an hour late to his surprise party. Oh well. It was good to see them and hang out with them for a while. We really should be getting together more. We may have missed the party, but we made it to the after party at Sonic. Sonic is always a good time. They really have awesome drinks. It is the place to be in the summer. I have already been there so much this summer and I think there will be a lot more trips there as the summer continues.

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