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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Get Free Food

In Vegas tonight. Super hot. Celine Dion concert is over and all I want is something cold. Serendipity is next door. We wait 45 minutes to be seated. I got free food. I wasn't even trying to get anything free. All I wanted was something cold and refreshing.

This is how you get free food.

#1- Have a cute waiter
#2- Waiter is flirty, be flirty back
#3- *This is the most important one* Kill some sort of bug
#4- Tell the waiter

This is what went down. We got seated. Tina and I are waiting for Rachel to get back before we order. I'm looking at the menu and in the corner of my eye I see a cockroach on the floor coming toward my feet. Without thinking about it, I step on the cockroach and kill it. I tell Tina what happened because she is freaked out of all the bugs. Tina is looking under the table to see if there are any more she needs to know about. Waiter comes back to our table... also starts looking under the table and asks what we are looking at. Not thinking it is a big deal I tell him that I smashed a cockroach with my shoe by my chair. I'm not trying to complain or anything... he asked what we were looking at so I told him why we were looking. He got a napkin and cleaned it up. I say thank you. He goes and tells a manager or something. He comes back and asks us what we want to drink and such. I order a water and a frozen hot chocolate (which I love with all of my heart). I'm a little hungry so I also order some fries. Tina also orders some fries. It all gets brought out right away. Rachel then shows up. I'm completely content with what I have, Tina order's a frozen hot chocolate and Rachel orders something as well. When we are all done he brings out the check.

Fries = $5 (2 orders)
Frozen Hot Chocolate = $11 (2 orders)
Carrot Cake Sunday (what Rachel ordered) = $15

Total should have been around $47 plus tax. We were charged $27.

Tina and I were both not charged for our fries and I was not charged for my Frozen Hot Chocolate. Pretty awesome deal since I wasn't even trying to get anything free or make a big deal out of the situation.

Lesson Learned: Killing a Cockroach in Serendipity = Free Food.


Darrell said...

Well done!

Tina said...
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Tina said...

P.S. POST the rest of the pictures from the trip!!! I'm drying to see them...

Kristy said...

Yuck! I hate roaches!

Vicki S said...

It sounds like he gave you free food because you found a cockroach! Why wasn't Tina's frozen hot chocolate free? Lol I wanna hear the flirting part of the story hoss!!

jamie hixon said...

Um, yeah. I did something similar to this at a Carrows once with my friend Anna. We got free drinks and then we left. Super gross.