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Monday, June 11, 2012

Somethin Fishy

Back in my Riviera days I had a fish tank. I had some fresh water tropical fish in there. During the Winter... being on the 3rd floor, our apartment was warmer than most. One of the guys in the ward had a Beta fish and wanted to put it in my tank because he thought it would have a better home that way. I knew that Beta Fish were known for beating up and fighting and killing other fish. I didn't think it was a good idea. This guy assured me that Beta Fish could live in a tank with other fish.... just not other Beta Fish. I believed him and let him put the Beta in my tank. For a week or so it was fine. Nothing happened. Perhaps he was right. But then why didn't other people do that then? Well... one day I witnessed the Beta Fish beating up on the other fish. The next day the Beta had killed a few of my fish (the best ones of course). I punished the Beta by putting it in a cup of water. The Beta soon went back to it's original bowl that he came over in. The guy that put it in my tank felt bad and bought me some new fish. Of course the fish were not as pretty or cool. What did he get me? A big fat goldfish. As luck would have it, that big gold fish started beating up on my other fish too and I think even killed one. I don't remember it was so many years ago now. I decided the goldfish needed to be punished and I put him in the bowl with the Beta to see what would happen. Both of them bullies. I waited for a while for them to start fighting... but for the first couple of days.... nothing. Then it started. They started to fight. It seemed even at first. They were both aggressive fish. In the end, the Beta won and the Goldfish died. Instead of flushing the fish down the toilet like most would do, Monica and I decided to put the dead goldfish in her roommate's toilet for her to find the next time she went to the bathroom... which she screamed when she did find it. Good times.

I was telling this story to Tara, that is how it all started. She then told me that in high school and such she used to put goldfish that were still alive in people's toilet's all the time and that we should do it. We decided to do it the next evening. 

We went to the store and we bought 12 fish. Everyone kept asking us what we were going to do with them. We didn't really want to say, so we would just tell them they were not going to have long lives. 

We then took them to Tara's house and put them in a bowl and decided who our target's would be. Who would think it was funny and be good sports about it.

We first tested it on her roommate Jessie who was not home. We then went to my BFF Neighbor's house thinking of what we were going to say and how we would distract them while the other one put the fish in the toilet. Turns out Darrell and Stuart's door was open and they were downstairs and didn't even hear us come in and say hello. Two fish went in their toilet and we were on to our next target. That was easy. In between each house we would go back to Tara's house to get more fish. We would carry the fish in this mug and pretend that we were just thirsty carrying a drink around. It worked. Nobody questioned it.

Next house on the list was my actual next door neighbor's house (Steve, Jason and Geoff). Tara owed Geoff money, so it was the perfect excuse to go over there. I went with her and while she talked to Geoff, Steve and Steve's girlfriend Katheryne... I pretended that I needed a tissue and blew my nose in the bathroom while letting two more fish go in their toilet. About 15 minutes or so after we left I got a text from Steve. All the text said was "FISH!!!" ha ha... I laughed so hard. We also dropped a couple in Oliver and Joel's toilet, but then they ended up joining us on our adventure not knowing they had some in their own toilet at home. Next we went to a couple of shy guys in the ward and put a couple in their toilet. We were not sure how they would react. I think I ended up telling them because I got no reaction. Pretty sure it was a couple of days later and sure enough the fish were still there. All they said was "cute" when they found out. Last house we did was my good friend Sara's house. Joel decided that it would be a better idea to put it in the sink because then you have to fish it out instead of just flushing it. On our way out he realized that the water drains out of the sink and that the fish would die.... so as we were leaving he yells to Sara that she needs to find something hiding in the house and to do it quick and that it would be like a treasure hunt. Epic Fail. I think she still has her fish though. 

Meanwhile, with one of the fish we dared Joel to swallow it whole. You can get Joel to do just about anything. I video taped it....

It was a very entertaining night and eventually people found out it was us and we were very talked about on facebook the next day. I think everyone loved it. We are just creating unity is all. Ha ha. We had a good time though. The things you think of to do on your week nights with no plans... 


Karen Ella said...

HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. That is all around fantastic. Joel is one of a kind...unless you count Oliver. ha! Hilarious.

Kristy said...

That was really disgusting-that guy swallowing the fish whole. I would have thrown it back up.