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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Irelyn's Baby Blessing

I missed the actual blessing on Sunday due to missing my flight back from San Diego, but I made it for family dinner after and was able to get some pictures of cute baby Irelyn in her beautiful blessing dress.

She sure is a cute little thing. Definitely has the Mills look. I couldn't believe how much she had grown since I had seen her last.


Karen Ella said...

oh my gosh. that last one made me actually say, "awwwwwwww"

Tracy said...

Thanks! That is my favorite one. :)

Lynette Mills said...

I love the last one too

Kristy said...

Great photos Tracy. You are a great photographer.

jamie hixon said...

So beautiful. And Chad and Clara look super happy! Yay! I would say she is not 100% Mills though.

jamie hixon said...

*Mills LOOKING. PS I am glad to see that Chad is still wearing the shirt I made him. I'm glad a little piece of me was representin'. ;-)