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Sunday, June 10, 2012

San Diego Zoo

After going to the Channel Islands with a few people, we drove down to San Diego to meet up with a bunch more people. First thing on the agenda for the day was going to the zoo. San Diego is famous for their zoo. I had never been before, so I was curious of what I would think about it. I thought it was a great zoo filled with lots of animals. However... it was too crowded, the maps were confusing (aka we got lost) and there was just too much there. If you walked around the entire zoo, you walked 7 miles. Don't worry, we walked the whole thing. In case you are too lazy to do that, they have bus tours.

Our group was so big that it some how got split into two groups. I didn't like this because I wanted to be with everyone. Most of the day I was going back and forth between groups. Group Separation problems. Thankfully we had Skifari to help us get from one side of the zoo to the other in a couple of minutes. Tara and I rode skifari like 4 times.

Over all, I love the Santa Barbara zoo more. That might be because that is the zoo that I grew up with... but I think I also love it because it is cheaper, more laid back, more beautiful and just plain old classy. Sadly our crooked neck giraffe that we were famous for died, but the Santa Barbara zoo will always be my favorite.

Bunch of random pics.

Also, although I love animals and I will always love the zoo, I think the zoo has lost a little bit of it's excitement for me. For example... Oh cool, there is a zebra. Oh yeah....  I saw a ton of those and tons of giraffe and a lot of these other animals on my safari in Africa in their natural habitat. Hey, I recognize that bird.... it was running all of the botanical gardens that I was at in South Africa. Look at those elephants! Yeah, remember when I rode one when I was in India? Good times. Yeah... I still like the zoo. Just saying. I think I was done a lot sooner than everyone else was. It also could have to do with the fact that I was tired at the end of my trip.

There were a lot of fun animals and great moments that we had at the San Diego Zoo. I had fun, and had great company... but I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

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