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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sandlot

I have posted about our outdoor movies before... but I had to post about this one because we watched one of my favorite movies... The Sandlot. I actually provided the movie this time as well. I have been fighting for them to play this movie outside for a while. Not only because I love it and it is so funny, but I also think this movie defines summer.

Seriously think about it.....
The Fair
The Pool
The Heat
Playing until it gets dark

I just love everything about it and have been wanting to watch it even more since we have been playing softball. By the way our team is awesome and so far we are at 5-0. That is right, we have not lost one game yet. Anyway, it was so fun to watch the Sandlot.. especially fun to watch it outside.

Oliver was awesome and invited other wards to come too... so we actually had a ton of people there. More people socializing. This is a good thing. We used to be the weird ward and nobody wanted to be a part of... but now we are the cool socializing ward that is awesome at softball. I love it.

I just love this movie and even though my summer so far as been amazing... it made me want to take full advantage of the summer months and have the best summer ever! Thank goodness I have lots of awesome people in my life to help make that happen. :) I love you summer!

P.S. Vicki, Rich and I had the best seats up front. I didn't even realize how many people had ended up coming until toward the end of the movie when I looked back. Oh, and did I mention that they are going to be doing this twice a month for the whole summer? Yeah, I thought that was an amazing idea as well.


Lori said...

Super fun. I remember watching movies outside when I lived in Utah :)

jamie hixon said...

Speaking of summer and being outside, you look a little tan. Nice.
Sandlot is so quotable. That is one of my favorite things about that movie.