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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 122

Tonight as I was coming home from a friend's house there were a couple of cops parked and checking out a car. I was informed that there have been a lot of cars in our area that have been broken into and things stolen. I think that is what had happened. I tell you what though, it was just a day for me to see cops every where. On my way to work, I saw 5 or 6 cop cars (one was a motorcycle cop) and they had all pulled a car over and were all in a row. I have never seen that before. Kind of insane.

My manager let us leave a half hour early today. This was nice for a couple of reasons. One being this week has been crazy busy for me. Today was especially busy, so it was nice to just leave early. Of course that means I have more to do tomorrow but I just didn't care. The other reason why it was great is because I had gotten a call from my friend Liz just as I was about to leave work and she invited me to go to the pool with her. I took her up on that opportunity. I just love the summer. It is nice to just relax and lay out in the sunshine and dip in the pool. I hope there is a lot more of that to come.

I have been redoing my patio garden. I wanted a different look. Something classy. I have been trying to decide what to do with it and it has been hard and I have been working on it all week. I am almost done and it is looking awesome. I will post about it of course. It has been a lot of work, but I really love the way it is turning out.

At work, they have this little bridge that goes over these rocks that lead down to the cafe. Ever since I have been working there for the past 3 years I have never once seen water in there. Guess what they did a couple of weeks ago? They put water in there! I can't tell you how happy it makes me every time I walk by it. It is so pretty and relaxing and now I am always trying to find any excuse to go sit down there. Novell really does have a beautiful campus.

Can we talk about something that has really frustrated me real quick? Everyday I go to check the mail. It has always been fine and dandy. Well a few weeks ago my key just stopped working on the mail box. At first I thought maybe it was just jammed or maybe it was just my key or maybe I was trying to open the wrong box. After giving it a couple more days to fix itself (wishful thinking) still nothing had been done and I went on vacation and my roommates don't check the mail. When I got home from my trip and our mailbox still wasn't opening, I started to get worried. I called the post office... several times over the next two weeks.They kept saying the lock wasn't change and that they would fix it and they didn't and then they held my mail for me because I was afraid that I wouldn't get it and then when I went in to get the mail that they had been holding they said there was nothing there for me and to call some number. When I called that number the next day they said my mail was still on hold and they were just not looking in the right spot. They then said they would redeliver it... which they never did and I called again and they were not helpful at all. They said they delivered all of the mail that I had, but I know that is not true because we would have had a lot more mail built up from the past 3 weeks of not getting mail. Plus, the timing was bad, that is when we get all of our bills! So... I am going to have to call in to utilities and see what to do since I don't think I will be seeing bills in the mail. It is a huge pain and I am pretty annoyed.

So I think some of you know that I watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I know it is a stupid show, but my friend Sara and I have fun watching it together because we make fun of stuff as we go. Anyway, there is this guy in my ward that is a hipster that teaches Sunday school and a while back in his class before the Bachelorette ever started airing, he said one of his really good friends was going to be on the show. I kept that in mind for when I started watching. As soon as he entered the screen, I knew which one his friend was because he was a hipster too. They even kind of look a like. Anyway... I don't normally dig hipsters, but he is pretty charming and Sara and I are rooting for him... not for the number one spot, but we want to see him stick around. Ever since I have started watching this show, there has always been someone on the show from Utah. Interesting.

My ward a while back started doing music night. It is pretty much an open jam session for whoever wants to go. This activity has been going on for a while but I had never gone to it... until today. It was actually a lot of fun and I think I will go from now on. I am amazed at the talent I am surrounded by. These guys can improv and play by ear like nobody's business. It was a good time.

Softball game this week was forfeited because the ward we were playing against didn't have enough players. Kind of sad. There's enough of us though that we formed 2 teams. That puts us at 4-0 on games that we have won. I hope we can keep it up. I was watching one of the other wards play last week and they were so funny to watch because they all played with costumes on. Some had capes, another had a Harry Potter cloak on and some guy even attached a veil to his hat. ha ha.

I got my hair done on Tuesday. I went in expecting to get one thing done. When I came in Nicole said "I have been thinking about your hair" which means she got an idea of something that would look cute on me. I love it when this happens. She asked me if she could do the melt on me. At first I hated the look when I saw all the celebrities doing it. Then I thought it was cute... but I wasn't sure it would look cute on me. Nicole said it would and I trust her so I let her do the melt. Turns out I really like it. Love the color. So glad she thinks of new things to do with my hair and that I trust her to do it. I am working on trying to get a good picture of my hair. I will post it when I get one.

Beach cruisers. I have been wanting one for like a year. When my friend Steph rode up to FHE on one Monday night, I told her right then and there that I was going to get one and it was going to look the same as hers. She didn't mind and of course we got Liz to do it with us. We ended up buying them last night at Walmart at almost one in the morning. Best midnight run to walmart.... EVER. Liz and I bought our bikes and we rode around the store on them and then rode out of the store on them. It was awesome. So awesome that we decided to go on a bike ride this morning. You know I was excited about my bike when I agreed to go at 7 despite how much sleep I didn't get. I really don't get up that early for anything. It was pretty nice though. Nice weather, we were all in scrubby clothes. It was a beautiful day and it really woke me up. I LOVE the summer. Seriously. I have been saying that a lot this week, but I really mean it. Can't wait for all the good times ahead on my Beach Cruiser. First Jay needs to fix a couple things on it though. I will be riding it around again by next week. I love beach cruisers. SO EXCITED!


Lil Lizzie said...

(1) next time we are going to document our pool time
(2) we are so cool
(3) tell me when your bike is fixed so we can do another bike ride!
(4) your hair really does look fabulous

Kristy said...

That is great that you got a bike. I am excited for your backyard too. So your mailbox story is frustrating. I couldn't open mine for a few days but then I realized that Reanne had tried opening it with a stick and the stick was still inside my lock. I had to chisel away at it until I could fit my key back in.

Lori said...

You got a beach cruiser!! Lucky girl! Sorry about your mail:( no fun!

jamie hixon said...

THAT IS HAPPENING WITH OUR MAIL RIGHT NOW TOO! I am so ticked! We held our mail for our cruise... it is a nightmare.
Maybe I will buy myself a beach cruiser to make up for it.