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Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday 77

Today we flash back to May of 2004. I was coming to the end of my Massage Therapy program at the American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology. We had become really close as a class since there were only 4 of us by the end. After school was over and we were graduated... we knew that we wouldn't be seeing each other anymore.... which made us all cry. I seriously will never forget these girls. We went through a lot together in those 8 months. We wanted to do something fun together before it was all over, so we decided to go to Trafalga and do some mini golf. Love them.


jamie hixon said...

Why in the world do you have cornrows?! lol

T-Ray said...

I don't know... I just felt like having them done I guess.... so I had it done. ha ha. Silly I know.