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Saturday, August 18, 2012


I first heard about the Mona pond with the rope swings in the summer of 2008. I went that summer and had not been back since. I'm not big off of swinging off of trees into nasty pond water and not many of my friends went. Many people still have never even heard about it. I for sure is not a secret place though because when I went in 2008 is was crowded... I'm sure it only get's worse as the years go by.

I hadn't heard too much of the Mona rope swings over the years until last year when I became friends with Dave, James and their roommates. Not only did they go there often, but it is a sport to them. They even named it "Troping". This is now a normal term to me, but when I mention it to anyone else they have no idea what I'm talking about. Dave and his friends goes regularly. He has invited me several times this summer but for one reason or another I was never able to go... until today. So I decided to go along and see how serious they really are about troping. It is SERIOUS.

Let me just tell you how serious. If anyone messes with the trees that have the rope swings on it, they fix it. They coach people on how to do it right. When we first got there it was kind of crowded. We set up chairs and sat and watched for a little while while I listened to Dave and his friend give commentary on people's rope swinging technique. They couldn't take it any long and had to show them all how it was done, so they open up their bag that they brought and pull out their own personal rope swing that they brought to tie to the tree. They don't mess around. They waited in line, climbed up the tree (Dave brought a towel to keep up there so you can dry your hands before swinging again) tied up their own rope and Dave did a double back flip off the rope swing. It was pretty amazing. It really is a sport to them and they have been working on their technique for a long time. In fact, Dave who has mastered troping and named king of the trope was trying to help his friend get past his just one flip off the rope.... because that just isn't good enough anymore.

You think after watching all of that, that I am going to go up there and try it? Your right, I didn't. Not only would I embarrass myself, but I don't even like cliff jumping that much anymore, so a swing out of a tree isn't going to be that much better. Nope.... I was totally satisfied leaning back and watching the show... and taking pictures. I like taking pictures, I'm pretty good at that.

It was still fun to go... especially after hearing about it so much. They tell me they continue to go regularly clear into the fall months. Maybe one of these times I will get the courage to do it... probably not. ha ha.


Lori said...

Awesome! I have been there! When I went to BYU for the summer many years ago, my guy neighbors took me there to swing out of the trees! It was super fun. You should try it Tracy ;)

jamie hixon said...

That looks intense! When I first read the word "troping" I thought it was going to be about shooting ducks or something. I don't know why.