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Monday, August 20, 2012

Star Wars Kid History

Although it didn't happen last year, it is tradition in our ward to have our FHE groups each make a movie and then have a movie awards night. So far... the groups that I have been in have done an amazing job putting the movies together. My first movie in this ward was Pimp my Bride. My second one I don't have a copy of, but it wasn't that awesome.... just re telling/acting out bad dating experiences. Third one we did The Office which I thought was great and the last one I was in before this one was Single in South Provo... a musical of Mulan cover songs which I think was the best out of all of them.

This year we decided to copy another idea. This time.... Kid History. Never seen Kid History? You can watch my favorite episode here. Since my nieces and nephew were pretty much the only kids we knew near by, they were the lucky chosen ones to be the kids to tell the story. I knew they would be up for it to because they are cool like that and they love Star Wars. We didn't take much time at all on this video.... not like we have in past years. Nobody really did (which is kind of sad). That being said, they were all pretty funny. I think this is pretty funny. Grant really cracks me up in this.

Since my nieces and nephew know the story of Star Wars too well.... and we wanted it to be more funny, I had them tell me the story or Star Wars AND Tangled and we mixed the two stories together to make it more interesting. :) Here is how it turned out. Thanks to my nieces Reanne and Sierra and my nephew Grant for being good sports and doing this. Love them.


Lynette Mills said...

I had to put in my ear buds to hear but once I did I enjoyed this a lot. Good job to your home evening group.

Kristy said...

Ha, loved it. I can't wait to show it to the kids.

jamie hixon said...

Great idea, and boy those kids are cute! I miss them. I wish I could hear Sierra a little more. Funny that you had to purposely mix in the Tangled storyline. If Asher were around he would have been ALL OVER THIS.