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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random craft

So in the kitchen... I have had these little candle holders with mirror's in the back. Had them for years. Because they are in the kitchen and stick  out off of the wall, people tend to run into them. More than once one of them has been knocked off of the wall and broken the mirror. The first time it happen from my old roommates boyfriend (now husband) and he felt bad and ended up replacing the mirror even though I told him not to. It was sweet and we had matching candle holders once again. A year and a half ago or so, my roommates had a bunch of people over and one of their friends did the same thing and knocked it over and the mirror broke. However they did not replace the mirror or even say sorry for that matter. It stayed on the wall with no mirror for a long time. Pretty tacky if you ask me.

Well, my friend Rachel had this cute idea. She is just full of cute ideas. She told me I should cover the back with burlap and write "love" on it. I happened to have extra burlap from my South Africa craft. So one night I pulled it out and did it and got rid of the mirror in the other one. Now they are matching and I think it is a cute way to display. I love re purposing stuff that I already have. It is like getting the satisfaction of getting something new.... but you didn't have to buy anything. Plus you get to use your skills and be crafty. :)


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Lori said...

Really cute! LOVE ;)

jamie hixon said...

That was a great idea. It's cute.