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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tabby Fest

I know that Tabby Fest sounds like a cat festival, at least that is what I thought of when I first heard of it, but it is actually a ranch out in Tabby Swell, Hanna Utah near Duchesne. Yeah, I had never heard of it either. Yet another new Utah discovery for me. As it turns out, it was beautiful there and there were a TON of fun things to do at the ranch. Let me give you a summary of the day.

A group of people went up on Friday and spent the night. A group of 6 of us went up Saturday morning. We split into 2 cars. I was with Stuart and Cynthia. 

When we got there, we explored the ranch. First stop was a visit to the pond that is filled with trout. Lots and lots of trout. When you feed them, they all go nuts. We tried to catch one with our bare hands and were not successful. We then moved on to the paddle boat. It went from a couple people taking a nice little ride to seeing how many people we could fit in the boat without it sinking to having races. I now know how much weight those things are capable of holding. A LOT! We fit SEVEN people in that thing. I have a scared look on my face because I was terrified of sinking... and I'm pretty sure we came really close to doing so. I'm also VERY sure that I grabbed the leg of the guy next to me out of fear and I had never talked to him before. After grabbing him we introduced ourselves to each other. We for sure couldn't get too far with that many people in the boat. It was funny to try though.

After we had been at the pond for a while, Darrell, Tara, Cynthia and I walked off and found ourselves on some 4 wheelers. And we all know how much I love 4 wheeling. 4 wheeling with Darrell isn't so much of a thrill... in fact I told him several times that he could drive faster even though I was sitting on bars on the back with nothing to lean back on. No, 4 wheeling with Darrell is a ride of discovery... and discover we did. We were gone for about an hour. We just 4 wheeled ourselves up the mountain. Tara and Cynthia were with us at first but soon turned around and went back and Darrell and I would just keep going and going up this mountain, stopping every once in a while to take some pictures. Here are a few pictures from our ride of discovery. The highlight for me was when we had to go through a heard of cattle. Twice. Only a 4 wheeling adventure on a ranch. 

*It is hard to see, but Tara and Cynthia got this picture of me and Darrell riding the 4 wheeler from the back. They did this because they thought it was funny that I brought my purse. I have to say that was a first for me, but that being said I didn't know I was going and so I just hoped on without thinking about it. It did get a little annoying after a while to be riding on the 4 wheeler holding a purse. *

When Darrell and I finally came back from our long adventure, it was time for some shooting. Jason is the one that brought all of the guns on the Idaho trip. He brought his guns to Tabby Fest as well. This time I got to shoot a couple of hand guns. 22 was my favorite. 

After shooting a couple of rounds, it was time for some lunch and then onto the horses! I hadn't ridden a horse for a while, so I was pretty excited about this. They had two horses out to ride and we were all taking turns. I watched Stuart ride freckles and he was a natural. I wanted to go next. 

I chose to ride the black horse. I wasn't nervous at all. I felt like I had ridden a horse enough times that I would know what I was doing and I would be fine. In fact, I have even fallen off a horse before when it was running. Not the funnest thing in the world, but I got back up and got back on the horse (the next day). Anyway, we were just walking around the yard, having a great time and then I patted the horse and said good boy. Before I got on the horse, they forgot to mention to me that to the horse that means go faster. Opps. The horse starts going faster. I try to pull back the reins but I'm not pulling hard enough and it starts to go even faster now. It went from a trot to a gallop and this is when I started to get nervous. Horses are big strong animals, and if you don't have it under control.... well.... you lose, and you could get hurt. Thankfully I was able to finally get it to stop and everything was good. After getting off the horse and sitting back down with my friends, they said they watched the whole thing down and got nervous and asked me if that scared me. I said I got a little nervous but it was okay. That horse gave me a little adventure. ha ha. 

After the horse adventure.... it was time to pack up and drive back to P-Town. What a full packed fun day! I love getting invited to these things. Oh and I love summer. 


Lynette Mills said...

Wow Tracy ... Sounds like lots of fun.

jamie hixon said...

Bahaa. A cat festival. Oh, this makes me homesick for the Circle Bar B. ;-) I love that picture of you in the stick Teepee, by the way.