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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Reunion

It had been a while.... but now and again we try and get together. It was long over due, so Michele organized a little reunion at Nicole's house. It was so fun to get together and see everyone and catch up on everyone's lives.

I met all (except Jayna) of these wonderful girls in my ward here in Deer Haven... except back in the day when I first moved in. I don't think there are many people still around in the ward now that would know any of these people. That is why I'm called the ward Vet. ha ha. Long timer. I know.

Nicole, Nicole and Emily are also my cruise BFF's... and always will be. Oh the good times I have had with these girls. SO glad that we all keep in touch and get together when we can. Hopefully it is not so long before we do it again.


jamie hixon said...

I want to go on another cruise. Let's do it.

T-Ray said...

Tell me when and I'm there!