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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 139

I just watched the Vice Presidential debate a little while ago. It stressed me out. It is so much more pleasant to watch the presidential debate. Vice presidents was just an hour and a half fight. I seriously wanted to throw something at the screen at Vice President Biden. I just felt like the entire time he was trying to undermine Ryan and laughing at everything he said. I'm not going to say anything about views of either side... but I do feel like you need to have more respect for each other in the debate and I think Romney and Obama did a lot better job of that than Biden and Ryan. We had to put on Nacho Libre after it was over to get in some laughs. Calm the stress.

So this week was other Tuesday... which means we should have gone to karaoke. Sadly we did not. I was all ready to go, but Megan, Dave and Mr. Karaoke were all sick. So now this week was just Tuesday and next week will be other Tuesday. As it turns out... there are places to karaoke all over Provo. Dave really wanted us to try out another place he found on Wednesday night, but.... that just threw everyone off and it didn't happen. I guess it was just not meant to be. Sad day.

Besides karaoke, there is now something else that happens every other Tuesday. J-Dawg Tuesday's! Some friends of mine in the ward get together for lunch at J-Dawgs. I love getting together with friends for lunch, it is a nice social break for me and J-Dawgs are good.... so I enjoy it.

The weather right now is my favorite. Not too hot, not too cold. So pleasant outside. Reminds me of home. I just wish it lasted longer here. Enjoying it while it lasts.

I'm totally in Prison Break Prison. I watch it all day at work and then at home too. Ha ha. My roommates just laugh every time they come home because I'm in the same spot on the couch watching this show. I'm on the 4th season now though... almost done. I started last week! I am going to finish 4 seasons in a little over a week. OUT. OF. CONTROL! ha ha. It is violent... but good.

General Conference last weekend was so good. I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it. That sums it up right there. Pretty much the main message.... be more Christ-like. I know for sure that is something I need to work on all of the time. That is what I love about conference though, I always end feeling uplifted and wanting to be a better person. There is always something we can work on to be a little bit better.

It's that time of year when they light up the Y. It happens at Homecoming and graduations. I love looking up at the mountain at night and seeing it lit up. Last time it was lit up (in August), Dave and I went and drove up there to look at it because he was finally graduated from school and it was lit up for him that night.

I have been so busy lately... sometimes I just want a lazy Saturday where I don't have to be anywhere and I could just do whatever I want and sleep whenever I want. Ha ha. Don't get me wrong, I like to be busy... I just have have other projects that I need to get done (which I would probably get done if I were not watching Prison Break during the week... good thing it's almost over). Doesn't look like I will be having one of those Saturday's until mid November. I'm pretty excited for this month though I have to say. In Zumba today... we even did the Thriller dance. I heart fall/ Halloween.

I know I just did a post on how great my new roommates are, but I really am so thankful to live with them. They are both clean and positive and fun and we all love coming home and we love spending time together. Megan and I were already friends, but Sarah just fit in right away. We all look out for each other and I get excited to come home and hang out with my roommates and we were sad when one is not around. It has been a long time since all of us have felt that way. SO nice. So thankful.

Most of my plants are dead. Didn't seem like my garden lasted very long this year, but maybe that is because I was late planting. You are so limited with only having potted plants. I have been very jealous of my parents garden. Almost every Sunday we had had something out of their garden. Pretty awesome. One day... when I have a backyard with dirt... I will be able to do that. Until then, I enjoy my parents garden. On Sunday we went outside for the last pickings....


Lil Lizzie said...

haha totally reminds me of steph... when she is in prison break prison I come home to her in the same spot with her ipad too :)

Lori said...

What the heck are you doing in that picture! haha. Can't wait to meet your roommates!

Abby Wright said...

JDawgs is restaurant and not just a hot dog van? NEED TO GET TO UTAH!

jamie hixon said...

Yeah, their garden is amazing. I don't know if I will ever get to that level. And by "that level" I mean the level where I keep something alive for linger than a week.