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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 138

Man has this week flown by! I have been so busy! My sister and her family have been in town from Arizona which has been so fun. I hadn't seen them in so long... her kids had grown so much. Thankfully they haven't forgotten who I am and are not scared of me. That is always my biggest fear with my nieces and nephews that I don't see very much. Wednesday we even drove up to Murray to have dinner with my brother and sister in law and their cute baby.  I sure do love my family.

Last night I watched the presidential debate. I was really happy to see on facebook that night that so many of my friends (of both parties) watched the debate. Just means that people care about our country and being informed. I am personally for Mitt Romney and I thought he did an amazing job. I don't love having political discussions with people because I feel like it can get heated up really fast and I hate contention... but I do care and am voting for Mitt in hopes that he can help our country out. I loved in the debate that he never hesitated. He was confident and knows his stuff and had points to back everything up. I also love that he brought it back to the constitution and what our country is and should be founded on. I hope the other debates go just as well.

I had some bread and a nice note dropped off for me on Tuesday by "The Ward Phantoms". I don't know who that is... probably the ward compassionate service committee? I don't know, but it was thoughtful all the same and it made me happy.

I need to calm down on the shopping.... but I just love fall fashion. I love boots and am still looking for a pair of black ones that I love. I'm so glad they are still in style because I seriously love them. I also love lace. I have been buying a lot of lace shirts lately. So cute. Lace and boots together equals an adorable outfit. If only I had a bigger closet. I really need to think of a solution for this....

I finished all of my shows... so I needed to start a new one, especially now that things are starting to slow down at work with quarter end being done and projects are being caught up on. So yesterday I started "Prison Break" because I heard that was a good one. I am half way through the first season. It is intense! I'm loving it. I just want to keep watching.

About a month ago I threw a goodbye party for my friend James who is part of the karaoke crew. He got a job in Texas and thought he was moving there right away. However... he was still around. It was great because I didn't really want him to go and having him at karaoke is just so fun. We would joke around with each other that I would have to throw him another goodbye party. This last Sunday he got up and bore his testimony and said he started his new job on Monday. Like tomorrow? I went up to him after sacrament meeting and gave him a hug and asked him when he was leaving. He said "right now". I said "Wow... remember when I threw you a goodbye party a month ago?". He then said "I know! This is so dramatic of me... I love it. I'm leaving like a thief in the night." Ha ha! He is so funny. Miss him already. Karaoke will not be the same. I informed Dave that "Copacabana" (that is what Dave called James because of his karaoke performance) has moved and will no longer be at karaoke. We are all sad. I'm happy for him though and hope he thrives in Texas.

Speaking of karaoke, Mr. Karaoke and I are now facebook friends and he told me he has been practicing Endless Love a lot so we can try it again next Tuesday aka "Other Tuesday" and blow everyone out of the water. I hope we can... that would be awesome. If not, it will be fun to sing with Mr. Karaoke again. I'm looking forward to it.

I love it when people randomly show up at my house and do random things. It makes my day. Like this...


Lori said...

Ah Prison break.... it is intense. Then it gets pretty grusome and you almost get turned off. Its good though.
I hope you get another night on stage with mr. kareoke too :)

jamie hixon said...

Bahaha! That picture is hilarious. You will have to let us know about Endless Love. That is what I am calling him.