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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Friday night, Megan and I had a roommate date. We had both been wanting to see Thriller for years but never had the chance... until now.

Never heard of Thriller? (not Michael Jackson's music video... of course we have seen that). Well, it is a show put on by a dance company that does a bunch of Halloween dance numbers. I happen to love dancing, so I was excited to go.

One number in the show... a bunch of people came out in panda costumes and tap shoes and were acting like kids. It reminded me of when I took tap in first grade and did a tap number to "Yes I am a Panda Bear". As soon as I thought that... that music started playing and they were doing the same tap routine that I did in first grade. I sang along to the whole song and was impressed that I remembered that far back... because I assure you, I haven't heard that song since. It was funny.

Before and after the show and during intermission, they had zombies going around and creeping people out.

All in all... Megan and I gave the show a 7/10. Reason being... first of all, it was too long. It started at 7:30 and went until 10 with a 15 minute intermission. I was starting to get pretty antsy towards the end. Second of all, the dancing was awesome, like seriously awesome, but there wasn't enough of it. I understand the dancers need breaks and costume changes and such... but I feel like there are better ways of doing it. They had these LONG stupid video's that they would show, they had a clown (I hate clowns) that would just talk and try and be funny (which it was a little) and they had a singer that would sing morbid songs. I would have given it a 10/10 if they would have made it shorter with more dancing.

Of course I am still glad that I saw it. Will I make a it a tradition and see it every year? Probably not, but it was still a fun show with some amazing dancing and it really got me in the Halloween spirit. Megan and I had a great time. So glad she wanted to go with me. After the show we met up with Dave and got some shakes. Good times.


Lynette Mills said...

I'm good with just seeing the promo... It was great. Thanks for my first spirit of Halloween moment

jamie hixon said...

That actually looks really amazing! Wonderful dancing in the promo. And I honestly hate clowns too... and zombies. But something about zombies dancing works for me.