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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween - Disney Style

To celebrate how much I love my new roommates, I decided to take them to Disneyland. We were all super excited about this. I wanted to bring Rich, but he couldn't go with all of the homework he had, so we brought Kylee, a friend of Megan's (and now our friend) who I LOVED having with us. She was so much fun. They were all so lucky to get free tickets from me. You know how expensive 1 day Disney Park Hoppers are these days? $125! Your welcome!

We went yesterday and it was a great day to go because it wasn't crowded. I think the longest we waited in line was a half hour. Most of them were a lot less than that. Some we got to walk right on. So great. The only bummer is that my favorite ride (Indiana Jones) was closed. We started our Disney adventure with Big Thunder Mountain. It was Megan's first time and it had been YEARS since Kylee and Sarah had been to Disneyland. We switched who we rode the ride with every ride. Loved it. Got to bond with everyone.

Then one of my favorite things about being at Disneyland during Halloween/Christmas is the Haunted Mansion being decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas.

We of course watched Captain EO (because I made them) and after going on Space Mountain twice, we went into the Star Wars store (as we call it) to get Rich a Star Wars Disney gift since he couldn't come. While in there, Megan and I were SUPER tempted to buy these matching Ewok shirts and Wookie hats. As much as we loved them and wanted to get matching shirts while we were there... we just couldn't justify spending the money... so we opted for the picture instead.

We went to Toon Town and met Goofy.

Since the park wasn't very crowded, we got through Disneyland by the afternoon and spent the rest of our time in California adventure Park. It had been a while since I had been there. It has changed a lot. The added Cars Land! Which was awesome. Loved it. They did an amazing job with it. Seriously though... this is Disney we are talking about. Of course it is awesome.

Probably my favorite part of the day happened towards the beginning when we went on Splash Mountain. It's a fun ride. Megan was so excited she wanted to be up front... not knowing how soaked she would get. I got pretty soaked too being number 2 in line. The guy running the ride was a jerk (weird to be working at Disneyland) and gave us some quotes we used for the rest of the day.

The best thing that came from that ride though was the picture. I told everyone to strike a pose and this is what we got.... my favorite picture of the WHOLE TRIP!!! Awesome!

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jamie hixon said...

That looks super uber fun! I haven't been to Disneyland in like three years. That is some sort of sin. Gwen has never been to Disneyland!

I love that picture too! And it looks like you guys had a super fun time. Yay! (But boo for Indiana being closed!)