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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mystery Corn Maze

I enjoy being festive. Seasons and Holiday's only come once  a year... so why not indulge in it? So one of the ways I am Festive during Fall/ Halloween is I go to a corn maze. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. Last year, our ward did a fun spin on the corn maze by making us find Waldo.  This year I went with my FHE group (because I convinced the leaders we should) and I had a knew corn maze experience.

Wondering how I had a new experience when I go to the corn mazes every year? WELL... every year I have either gone to Corn Belly's at Thanksgiving point or Hee Haws in Pleasant Grove. This year they added a corn maze right here in Provo. So we went to check it out. It was less crowded which was awesome. Not only was it a different corn maze, but they do it a little different. When you enter the corn maze, you are given a map of the maze and a little booklet of characters to try and figure out the crime scene. As you go through the maze, you come across little plaques throughout the maze that either had a number on it (which meant you got to hole punch that number that represented different coupons you got) or it had part of the crime scene that you were trying to figure out (which was different animals and weapons) which you also got to hole punch as you figured it out. Awesome? Yes! We all had a blast. When we were going through the corn maze... it was really windy, which I actually loved. Made it seem like the scary movies. Dark... wind blowing through the corn... maybe you had to be there.

For solving the investigation, everyone got a badge! ha ha

Along with the corn maze, they also had other games you could play. And of course some fun picture spots, because everyone loves that.

Funny story. Sarah and I were in line for this picture spot. We handed off our cameras to our friend Kayci. I volunteered to be the man in the picture and some guys commented that I was confident enough to do that. I laughed politely and said ya. The guys stayed there until we were ready for our picture. They had us looking over at them first to take a picture. Sarah and I both thought that he had one of our camera's until he took the picture and then left. Turns out, Kayci had both of our cameras. That dude just wanted to take our picture? Does anyone else find that weird? We did. We didn't know him at all. Why does he want a picture of me and Sarah posing behind cardboard? Awkward!

It was a fun activity. Glad that I went again this year and glad that I tried out a new place. I heart corn mazes and fall and Halloween.

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jamie hixon said...

A corn maze in the wind would be EPIC! And that one sounds fun.