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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 140

I know I say this a lot... but this week flew by. I have been busy. Something going on every night. I like it that way.

Yesterday for work, we went out to lunch at Malawi's Pizza. I like that place. Pizza with purpose. Every meal you buy, they give a meal to a starving kid in Africa. It was my department that went, we sat at a big booth and the entire table was covered in pizza's. We had 6 pizza's, 2 dessert pizza's and a few salad's. It was nuts. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the table. The pizza was so good though and between the 8 of us, ALL of it was gone by the time we left. Don't worry... I tried one of everything. That being said... you should know that the crust is super thin... so you can eat more without getting so full. Mmmm

I'm doing a musical number in church this Sunday. It's a quartet. I love singing. I miss having my friend Wes around because he is my singing BFF and we would sing in church here and there and I loved it. We both did. Every time Wes and I would sing together, we would practice the song the day before or the day of. Just how we roll. I was used to it because when I sang with my mom and sister... we typically did the same thing. I learned at a young age to not stress out over it and it always turns out great. This time however... we have practiced a few times, a couple of weeks before hand. For this song, that practice is needed. We are practicing again tomorrow. I love being an alto. I have a cool part 97% of the time. This time my part is cool... but it is also one of the most complicated parts in the arrangement. I'm not the only one... this is probably the most complicated version of Praise to the Man that I have ever seen. Complicated for the pianist too. Did I mention it is also 8 pages long? Rich found this gem for free online, so we accepted the challenge and went for it. The ending it quite triumphant and dramatic and imagine it might be a little awkward after we end because it will seem like people should clap and they can't. We have joked about marching. At this point... I think we are all just hoping it turns out for Sunday.

I finished Prison Break on Monday. I watched all 4 seasons in a little over a week. After the first season I wondered what was going to be in the next 3 seasons because they broke out of prison in one season. Little did I know they would break out of 2 more prisons during the series. I'm not going to lie to you, I finished the show while I was at work. I was balling my eyes out during the last two episodes. Seriously... had to get a tissue and turn myself to face the other side of the room in case anyone walked by my office. How embarrassing would it be for me if someone saw me balling and come in to ask me what was wrong and I tell them I finished watching Prison Break? Ha ha... the same thing happened at the end of Lost and Alias. Okay! I'm a baby.

I'm now on the communications committee for church. My first assignment was taking pictures of everyone in the ward. This is quite the task. Melodie and I warned everyone the day before to look good for church because we would be taking pictures. We were not just snapping pictures of everyone inside the church against a white wall, we were doing glamor photo's of everyone outside with the beautiful fall tree's in the background. As people came outside to get their picture taken, we pulled out our fancy camera's and called it "Glam photo's by Tracy & Melodie". It was awesome. Honestly, I was looking at the pictures after we were all done and everyone really looks awesome. I didn't even edit any of the pictures. The lighting was perfect and made everyone look good. This was such a good idea and everyone will thank us later. You're welcome ward.

Mr. Karaoke text me and told me he was really excited because he thought of another song we can sing together. He was practicing "Endless Love" still so we can sing it better next time, but he also said he was dying of excitement over the thought of singing "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing. I told him we could do it. So glad I have a karaoke boyfriend now.

Tuesday was the second Presidential debate. I have been really into the debates. I'm pretty much going to be nervous about everything until the election is over. The first debate I watched over at my parents house and I thought the debate went super well. The vice presidential debate I watched with Megan and Dave. It stressed me out and most of the time I wanted to throw something at the tv. Thank goodness Megan and I had gotten Sonic, I think that helped calm the nerves. The second presidential debate I watched a lone online... later that night because I was with Dave all night and the debates stress him out and he doesn't like watching them. I just had to watch though, so I waited until he went home to watch it. It stressed me out. I was hoping for more of the outcome like the first debate. It was just a fight between the them blaming who said what and talking over each other. Ugh. So frustrating. I am so hoping the Monday's debate is more like the first one. I like it when they go more professionally and are polite with each other and take turns. Oh well. Maybe I should prepare myself with some treats for the last debate.

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jamie hixon said...

Your song sounds epic. I hope it turns out great. I have a few arrangements that I love but don't want to sing because they end too triumphantly... seriously. That is funny.
Maybe I should add Prison Break to my queue?

Your paragraph about glamour shots is hilarious. You're welcome.