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Monday, October 15, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Run

My roommate and good friend Megan has been on a running kick lately. She claims she is not a runner and then runs a ragnar and half marathon. No big deal. She is awesome.

She signed up with some co-workers to run in a Pink race for one of the girls mom, Linda. She asked me if I wanted to run with her. I had not done a race this year (I tend to do one a year) and I had never done a race for cancer before, so I thought why not and signed up. Besides... it seems like I need to sign up for a race to spend some time with Megan. She is always gone and I miss her.

This past Saturday, Megan and I got up at the early hour of 5am and drove to Salt Lake to meet up with her friends from work. We then all drove to Park City for the race. The race started at 9 for some and 9:40 for the rest of us (5k). You are probably wondering why we had to get there so early. Well... we had to pick up our packets (shirts, numbers, etc..) and the pick up ended early. So.... after picked up our stuff the girls running the half marathon left and Megan and I took a nap in the car for two hours before we ran our race. So glad we did that... I felt like that nap helped a lot. I don't function well in the morning.

Since all of us girls were running for Linda, the girls made us each a little tag to wear that said Linda and we each got matching pink bandana's.

It was a little chilly... but not bad. It didn't take long to warm up once I started running. It had been raining the day before, so all the fall colors were enhanced. Park City was beautiful! Running it a lot more pleasant when you are in beautiful surroundings. :) I only stopped for a couple of minutes to walk up a little hill. Besides that, I was able to run the whole thing. It was nice because when you ran to the finishing line they had someone on the speaker announce your name as you ran in and said good job as everyone cheered for you. It was nice. I had never had that at a race before. I guess they looked at your number we ran in and looked up our name according to our number. I finished a few minutes after Megan, running the 5k in 34 minutes (I'm a slow runner). It felt good to be done. At the end of the race we got a little charm necklace and had snacks. They had chips and salsa and cake bites (which was a first for me to see at the end of a race) and of course they had fruit too. Megan and I were exhausted from getting up so early, so we quickly made our way home after we were done with the race and enjoyed our BEAUTIFUL drive home. I couldn't get enough of all of the colors. So gorgeous.

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jamie hixon said...

Good for you! And I love the pink shirts and bandanas. If I were ever going to do a run, it would be a color run or a breast cancer run.