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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bourgeous Family

I volunteered to take Kristy's (my oldest sister) family pictures. It had been a couple years since their last family photo... that I took. I wanted to do a fall photoshoot since I love the fall, so we waited until the leaves changed colors. Kristy even bought new clothes for the family so they could all match. It was all perfect.

I can take great pictures of kids. You just follow them and snap away. However... I always forget for how hard it is to take family pictures. For some reason... kids NEVER want to hold still and smile for pictures... even if you bribe them with ice cream or candy or whatever. It was frustrating to go through the pictures and see a great one except for one person. It is almost impossible to get a good picture of EVERYONE. I did my best.... This is how it all turned out.

Kristy & Jess

Mother & Daughters

Father & Son

The Kids

The Family


Tessa and Adam said...

Wow Tracy. These look absolutely fabulous!! Adam and I might want ours done this fall. What do you charge?

Tracy said...

I thought you guys were in Idaho? I charge $50. Not much.... just time to take pictures and edit them.
I would love to do your pictures.

Lori said...

They turned out AWESOME Tracy! I bet Kristy is soooo happy :) Love the fall back drop.

jamie hixon said...

You got some awesome ones! They look fantastic. Nice job!