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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Floral Design 9

Oh how I love Melissa's Floral Classes. That girl is so talented. Last class was in the spring. This class... Halloween edition. Couldn't be more excited for this. How often does one get to put together a Halloween floral arrangement?

At first I wasn't sure how Melissa was going to pull off the Halloween look with flowers. I mean, I saw the flowers she had out on the table. They were beautiful. When it all came together in the end... it was AWESOME!

I'm always so amazing with how many flowers can fit into a small space (look at the last floral class). But if you cut and arrange everything right... it really all fits! So anyway... with all of her classes that I have gone to in the past, I have liked all of my arrangements that I made... but this time I left LOVING what I put together. In fact, everyone that comes over... I show it to them. People are probably getting annoyed with me and don't care... but I really do love it. Plus they smell good. WIN WIN. The pictures don't even do the arrangement justice. There are so many flowers in there that you can't fully see.

Megan did the class with me. She had to go early, so in this picture mine isn't done yet, but I had all the flowers in at this point. All lot of people didn't add the Halloween elements to their arrangements, but I'm so glad I did. :)


Meg said...

my arrangement...well, it's a sorry excuse for a flower arrangement. we'll just leave it at that.

flux biota. said...

those are so clever! I wanna try. I bought tiny corn and tiny pumpkins today, you've inspired me to make a tiny cornucopia.

jamie hixon said...

I love it too! Plus, you look gorgeous!