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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Syme Twins

This morning, my good friend Desiree had her baby twin girls. Charity and Harmony. Desiree and I have been friends for a while now... since we met in our ward about 5 years ago or so. We write often and have always kept up on each other's lives. So she is very aware with my frustrations and heart ache of dating and wanting to get married and I was very aware of her frustrations and heart ache of wanting to get pregnant and not being able to for many years. When she finally did get pregnant and with twins, I was more than excited for her and Chuck.

Chuck, the proud Dad

I told her I would help her put the babies room together. We are both so busy though. We exchanged ideas and pictures over email and scheduled for me to come help this last Saturday... but I got so booked up that day that I had to cancel. I figured I still had more time before the babies came. WRONG! Monday she went to the doctor and they scheduled her C-section the next morning when she thought she had two more weeks to prepare. I felt so bad. I called her and we just decided we would put the room together after the babies were born.... no other choice. I will update you when that happens.

Meanwhile, I thought I should get her a gift and visit her in the hospital. So after work I drove to SLC and gave her a big hug and got to chat with her and Chuck who are both so happy and doing great and I got to spend a half hour holding little Harmony. They are both so adorable. I just love babies. Desiree has been such a great friend over the years, it makes me happy to see her finally get pregnant and then have such an easy pregnancy and now to have her cute little babies. Congrats Desiree and Chuck, you are going to be the best parents!

Harmony has the beenie on and Charity has the bow


Bre said...

yay for twins! If she doesn't know yet, there are awesome twin mommy support groups. I know there's one in salt lake. It's usually called "mothers of multiples." They are a TRAMENDOUS help with advice etc.

Tracy said...

Thanks Bre, I will let her know. I'm sure that is info she will want.

Lori said...

Wow! A C section AND twins! Good luck to you Desiree, I hope you have LOTS of help ligned up! Congratulations too, they are adorable little girls :)

Kristy said...

They are adorable. Never wanted twins myself...but since she has been wanting babies so long it will be great for her.