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Monday, January 28, 2013

Jay & Sherstin's Wedding

Jay and Sherstin got married on Saturday. I rarely go to receptions, but they have both been good friends to me, especially Jay in the last year so I went. I was able to see some old friends which was great and the wedding was SO cute.

Jay is a pilot and Sherstin (like me) loves to travel... so they had a travel themed wedding. I had seen some ideas for travel themed weddings on pinterest and loved them. They did an awesome job with theirs. SO cute! Love how it turned out. Of course I took pictures...

First off, they started the theme with their announcements & engagement pictures. Cutest ever! Which is refreshing after all the tacky ones I get.

Then the reception.... loved the small details. Instead of a guest book, they had everyone write notes on post cards. So cute right?

It was so fun to get to talk to Mary & Allison. I used to visit teach Allison and they were both roommates with Sherstin.

Liz, Steph and I with the happy couple.


Lori said...

Looks like a fun and creative reception! Cool :) Glad you went and supported your friends.

jamie hixon said...

Simply pin-able! ;) Super cute.