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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plane Ride with Flying Jay

I have been blessed with many great friends. With having many great friends... every once in a while you have the benefit of some great connections that comes along with some of those friends. Last week I got to do something super awesome because of my friend Jay. Jay has been a good friend of mine for the past year. You may remember him from our four wheeling adventure date, or when we went scuba diving in the middle of nowhere Utah. Maybe you remember him from when we drove out in the middle of nowhere to watch the Solar Eclipse. He was DK in Mario Kart Live. He also helped teach me how to golf and we played summer softball together. Let's not forget the epic trip to Idaho that he planned and we even stayed with his family. The list goes on and on, the bottom line is that Jay is awesome and a great friend and we had a lot of fun adventures together in the last year.

Over the summer, Jay became a pilot! I know... awesome right? Well, Jay is getting married this weekend, but because he is such a good friend, he took me, Liz & Steph on a flight around Utah. We first went on a Saturday, but the weather was not great and we got a late start because of how the day was scheduled out and then the runway had not been plowed and our plane had to be de-iced which we had to do ourselves... so we didn't get to go far, but it was cool to see the city lights, especially with all of the snow. Since it wasn't long, Jay scheduled to take us the following Wednesday.

Unfortunately Liz couldn't come with us the second time. We were sad. Steph and I met up with Jay at the Spanish Fork Airport. I got to leave work early. This time I got to be up front with Jay in the 4 seater plane. I had never been in a plane that small before. I used to be so terrified of planes, but I wasn't really nervous at all for this flight. Although Jay's first solo flight was this last August... I totally trust him. He is one of those guys that is so confident in everything he does... that you just trust him.

It was a beautiful clear day and the flight was smooth. The view was incredible. I felt like I was on the Bachelor because they have all of those extravagant dates. I really felt so high class. Being up so high in the air in a plane so small doesn't seem real, especially when it is such a comfortable and smooth ride. It was amazing. I just kept saying how beautiful it was. We flew over Hobble Creek Canyon, up to Park city, over the mountains to SLC where we flew above the clouds. It was amazing. At the end of the flight, we even flew over Deer Haven (our home).

The whole flight was an hour or so. I loved it. So thankful that I had the opportunity to go and that Jay was so awesome and willing to take us. He really is such a great friend and I am going to miss him, but of course I am so happy for him and Sherstin. They are great together. Anyway, thanks Jay for an awesome year and ending it on this epic adventure.... and for being a great pilot and not crashing our plane. :)

By the way... Steph and I have both had the goal to document (video) our life more, so we both got video of this adventure and worked together to put this video together. Now you can experience the whole thing with us. Utah in the Winter is beautiful from the air.


Lynette Mills said...

You've come a long way Tracy, from your fear of planes to this wonderful adventure. It looked absolutely wonderful. Jay is a nice guy to take you up. Love the music you used with the video!!

Lil Lizzie said...

looooove it

jamie hixon said...

That is nuts! I would be scared, I think. But you are just awesome like that.