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Monday, January 7, 2013

We are Family

Our family was ALL together for the first time since... I'm not sure. Chad's wedding? That might not be true... but it has been a long time. We were all only together for a half hour, but we were all together... SO we got a new family picture.

If I'm being totally honest, it wasn't the best day for me to take pictures. Many different reasons for this, but I tried to look nice and make the best out of it. It was my idea to do family pictures after all. Just should have thought about losing 20 pounds beforehand. It was freezing. It was bright outside with the sun reflecting off of the snow. The occasional wind made my eyes water big time. With 9 grandkids, not all of them were happy. In fact one in particular was REALLY not happy. With a great photographer (Ron) and a photoshop expert (my brother in law, Dan) we got one pretty good picture. Better than nothing right? Ha ha

Ron also got pictures of individual families that also turned out cute. Unfortunately there was not a glam photo shoot of just me (since I don't have my own family). PS that was sarcasm. I don't have Jamie's family pictures and Chad and Clara left, so they didn't get a family picture. But here is Kristy & Lori's family photo's.

Then of course we got some mother & daughters picture.

And our tradition Sister pictures.... because we LOVE each other. We do. We had a fun week together. Wish we all got to be together more.



Gary said...

Very nice looking family, Tracy. Of course I'm prejudice but who cares.

Caytlin said...

CUTE!!! They all turned out really well! I love the rustic barn with the snow!

Lynette Mills said...

I'm so happy to have updated pictures. It was worth the effort

Lori said...

Glad the picture happened, even if it wasn't the best circumstances. You look so beautiful in all the pics... not that that is unusual or anything :) ps- good job with the sister picture crop ;)

THE LIZARD'S said...

i love you family picture's setting and the all sisters ones, of course! such picture perfect snow!!!!!

jamie hixon said...

You followed my directions!! Bless you forever. No really!! Also, I think you look beautiful as usual. I should have lost 20 pounds beforehand too. Even Dad was complaining about "looking fat"-ha!