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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

It is the first day of a new year. 2013! It is the time where I start reflecting on life. What I have done in the past year and what I want to accomplish in the next year. I feel like I set a lot of the same goals every year and wonder if I even should because I can't seem to accomplish them. Part of the problem I'm sure is that I set too many. At the same time, there is so much I want to improve with myself and so many things I want to accomplish.

I shouldn't be too hard on myself though. I did accomplish some goals on my long list. Although I didn't get to travel outside the country this year, I did travel to some new places. I painted my nails many different colors, I styled my hair a little more, I redid my room to make it a place I loved to be, I exercised more and ate healthier, I think I have developed a better relationship with myself and others, I wore perfume more, listened to lots of great music, I have tried to give more compliments (although I can always improve on this more), I have tried to look cute most of the time, and probably one of the biggest changes I have made was my relationship with men. I have not been used this year by guys looking for the wrong thing. I have been respected and I think that has largely to do with the respect I have had for myself this year. This means I have had a lot less attention from guys... but I would rather have the right kind of attention from guys than any attention I can get. This was a great improvement.

I have looked at many other people's blogs and facebook status's and everything that has changed with them in the last year. It is amazing how much can change in a year. People have graduated, moved, gotten married, had a baby, etc... for me, I have had a year filled with people and fun things... but my life has not changed much. Except for my living situation. I now have the best roommates in the world and for that change, I am very thankful. Our house is a better place than it used to be... filled with love and service and friendship and people love to come over. I love that. It was very negative last year. Besides that... my life is the same. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I would have loved to have a big change in my life.... a good one, but it didn't happen this year. I can look back on 2012 and say that it was a good year. It wasn't bad and it wasn't awesome... but it was good. I can live with that.

That brings me to now. Who do I want to be and what do I want to accomplish in 2013?

I want to find a place in the community to serve
I want to be more focused on others and less on myself. I want to compliment & validate others
I want to work on my spirituality. Be more regular with attending the temple and scripture study and prayer
I want to be more open with communication and my feelings
I want to complete the Insanity workout
I want to run in a 10k (didn't do that last year) and a half marathon (still can't believe I want to do this)
Continue to eat more healthy. I want to cook more
I want to do more things that I pin on Pintrest
I want to visit a new state
I want to travel outside the country
I want to scuba dive somewhere new
I want to cut out unnecessary expenses
I want to go through and clean and organize the whole house (roommates and I have already made a plan)
I want to learn how to do something new
I don't have much control over this, but I want to find a man. One that loves and appreciates me for exactly who I am and doesn't want to be without me & obviously I want to feel the same way back. I want to find true love again.
I want to be happy with myself and life.

Yes, I want this next year to be a good one. Seriously. My friend Rich and I said our theme this year was going to be seize the day. Sometimes I need to be reminded... but I know I can do anything that I set my mind to. Sooooooo..... Here is to making 2013 an amazing year!


Lil Lizzie said...

(1) I loved the paragraph about how your relationship with men has changed. You go girl...you deserve the best.

(2) SO EXCITED ABOUT THE HALF MARATHON! Choose one girl and I am in.

jamie hixon said...

Good for you. I decided a few years back never to make new year's resolutions because I just get discouraged. But I'm reading this book called Getting Things Done and I want to try to implement that philosophy in my life. The book is hard to read because it is geared toward business folk, but whatever. I love your ideas, and you did have a great year!