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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 153

Because of the Holidays and being sick... I am totally out of shape. This is bad news. The worst is when you worked so hard to get fit and strong...  and then a few weeks messes all of that up. Even zumba was a struggle for me today. Ugh.

Last Friday... a lot of my co-workers were gone and so they told the 3 of us that were at work that we could go see a movie if we wanted to. As it turns out, I was the only one that wanted to go see a movie... so I did. My myself. I had been wanting to see "Life of Pi" so I went and saw it... by myself... and I liked it. I liked going by myself and I liked the movie. The movie was beautifully done and it is one of those movies that makes you think about everything that happened in the movie long after the movie is over. I have no idea how it compares to the book... but the movie was great. Loved it.

Monday my friend Nicole did my hair again. I will not be getting my hair done again until after she comes back from maternity leave. So... we went back to all dark with a red undertone. I always like going dark, so I'm happy with it. Who knows what we will do next. Sometimes we don't know until I go in. Makes it kind of fun. I like switching it up.

As you know, one of my new years resolutions is to make more things that I pin on pinterest. SOOOOO.....  tonight I decided to make a whole meal of recipes I have pinned on pinterest. I made a cilantro lime chicken in the crock pot, homemade dinner rolls that only take 30 minutes to make from start to finish, a spinach salad and a chocolate mousse dessert. The cilantro lime chicken was ok, not great. I won't make it again. The salad and rolls were awesome, I will make them again for sure and the dessert was a disaster. I didn't get thick at all like they said it would. So I didn't even serve it and I will not make it again. A couple of my friends have suggested starting a new board on pinterest of things I have actually made and give a review on it so that other people know if it is worth making themselves. It's a good idea. So I started a new board and started giving my reviews if any of my pinterest friends want to check it out. I will also post the successful recipes that I try here on my blog.

Remember when I went to the Josh Groban concert? When I went to that concert I discovered how funny Josh is? For some reason it is really surprising because he is this classical singer. As it turns out, he has this hilarious sense of humor and I really want to be his best friend. We are about the same age, does that count for anything? Anyway... since his concert I follow him on facebook and Instagram. I guess the real place to follow him is on Twitter though... that is where most of his humor goes. I'm considering joining twitter just so I can follow Josh Groban. I'm being serious. Does that make me creepy?

Our stake president is the director over at the MTC. Since the announcement about the new age for missionaries at the last conference, there are A LOT more missionaries in the MTC. Just this week they got 600 new missionaries. That used to be the most they would get in the busy months, but now it is becoming the norm and they will just be getting more and more.  Since we just had our big fireside on becoming more healthy so that we can serve others... our stake president asked us if for family home evening, we would go help put together 900 bunk beds for the MTC. So off we went to the MTC. It had to be 0 degrees outside, or close to it. We had to go outside and carry the bunk beds in, piece by piece. The frames and pieces were so cold that I thought it was going to burn my hand. It took a little while and it was freezing, but we had a good turn out that came to help and it seemed like everyone had fun doing it. After all the pieces were in, we formed groups and put the bottom part of the bunk beds together in each room. Your welcome new missionaries. :) This is a picture we took after finishing the project.


Lynette Mills said...

Very cool to be a part of the new missionary happenings. The guy in our ward who is over all the foreign MTCs told me that they were having to double the bed capacity at all the MTCs everywhere in the world ... It is so great.

jamie hixon said...

One of the new missionaries is my nephew Jake. He is going to Croatia!
Josh Groban is hilarious. Have you seen him as Andy's brother in the Office? The first time I ever knew he was funny was when he sang Kanye West's tweets. Go ahead, do twitter. I don't think I ever will though, I have media overload with all the crap I'm already doing.

The Life of Pi was a good movie. It was a FANTASTIC book though. We saw the movie in 3D and I loved it, but it made me seasick. For Reals.