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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 193

Last weekend was SO great! Love Havasupai. Can't wait to blog about the adventure and share all the pictures I took. I even put together a little video. Trying to stay on top of pictures and video so I don't get too behind. It's almost an impossible task. Just got back from Havasupai and in two and a half weeks I leave again! Excited but also a little stressed about getting everything done in time!

I can't believe that October is just about over. I still need to watch Sweeney Todd and The Nightmare Before Christmas and carve pumpkins AND think of a costume! So much fun to be had in such a short amount of time. I can do it though.

They started raising money at work for United Way. I went to a meeting about it on Monday. One of the guys that spoke talked about one program in particular that has made a difference. Guess what program it was? The one I tutored for for a year and a half. How awesome is that? It got frustrating at the end, but nice to hear that I maybe made a difference. I have been wanting to serve in the community again... so this was the perfect little push that I needed. We are raising money mostly as a company, but I want to give of my time even more. I spoke to the guy and he gave me his card... so now I just need to call. See where I am needed and what fits with my schedule.

Didn't weigh in this week... I'm wondering how Havasupai affected me. I'm thinking I still lost or stayed the same. I hiked 20 miles in a couple of days... so I got a work out. I ate more... but don't think I went out of control. Just enough extra calories that I needed. We shall see. Either way, it was worth it. The trip was awesome.

Still watching Mad Men (along with staying caught up with all of my shows which are back on the air) If it weren't for being able to watch at work... there is no way I would be able to stay caught up. Anyway... just finished the 3rd season. Two more seasons to go and then it's time to find a new show.

Last week I helped my good friend Jeanie with a video for her exercise blog. I modeled some Pilates exercises. I miss her and I miss Pilates. It was great... but my core is weak these days. Makes me sad. I need it to be strong again. I need her twice a week! When her video comes out... I will share it. Hopefully I don't look like a fool.

Monday night I went straight over to my parents house to spend the little time left I had with my sister Lori. She left that night. I was so bummed that I was gone for so much of the time she was here. Hopefully we get together in December in AZ. The little time I got with her and her kids was great though. Always sad to say goodbye to family. Wish we all lived closer together.

At work, I have been making some new friends. Not only have I made new friends by going to the gym and classes and such, but also because people are starting to notice my fashion. Maybe I dress cuter because I feel cuter with the weight loss. Maybe people are noticing more because of the weight loss. Either way, it's fun. I love fashion, so I love it when people notice. Random girls will look me up and instant message me at work to see where I got my boots or stop me in the hall to ask me where I bought my pants. It's great.

I came across this article. "Real Men like Josh Groban". Josh Groban posted it on his facebook actually. A man that attended his concert in SLC wrote it. The article is great. I agree with it. You can read it here.

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jamie hixon said...

I still haven't seen Sweeney Todd. Ha. I know every word to every song, of course. We haven't been very Halloweeny at the Hixon house.