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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 192

This week has been so busy! I wish I had more time in a day... or had the week off of work. One or the other.

It's a little chilly... but I'm enjoying Fall. October has to be one of the funnest months... besides the summer months. I keep checking things off of the Fall bucket list. The more chilly it gets though... the more I fear winter and how miserable it is going to be. I felt like on Monday... I couldn't warm up no matter how many blankets I put on. I sleep with a heat bag on my feet every night.

I'm still watching "Mad Men". Done with the second season. It's growing on me. The characters are interesting. I think I will watch it all. The is kind of how I roll anyway... I just watch all of the seasons of a show once I start... because I can get through them quickly on Netflix. Unless it is a show that is still currently running. Like "Once Upon a Time". I LOVED the first season. I never could get into the second season and stopped watching. Sad... it had such potential.  But I keep up with a lot of other shows on Hulu. Another exciting thing about fall... all the shows start back up.

So I weighed in this week. Another 3 pounds down... just 12 more to go. Getting SO close until I reach my goal! In the beginning I could have never imagined even getting to this point. Amazing that I have been able to lose 53 lbs since mid April. I'm feeling so great. You know what else? I went into American Eagle last night and saw the jeans were on sale... so I bought a pair. Guess what size I bought. A size 6! WHAT?! I have never been able to fit into a size 6 in my life. Seriously... I was dreaming of fitting into a size 8 and now I am fitting into a size 6! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. I am wearing the jeans today and am feeling REALLY good about it.

The reason I went into American Eagle is because it was right next door to where I got my massage. Second massage at Remedez and it was even better than the first (different girl) and I'm going to her again next month. It was really what I needed... although I probably should have scheduled it for next week after my 10 mile backing trip. Oh well. I will look forward to next month. I'm a little sore... but it's a good sore. Like all my tight muscles and knots were finally being worked out. So great.

Last night, I made a salad. It was my regular salad that I make just about everyday... except the meat on this one was different. What was different about it? Well... it was deer meat. Not just any deer meat. The deer that ran into my car and I killed. I have to say... I was pretty excited to eat it. I hope I get more of it. It was good. I feel really good about the fact that my deer is being used rather than just ending up in a dumpster to rot. Just sayin.

So I have been kind of stressed this week. I don't like being stressed. It's all the trip planning. You probably wouldn't think that planning trips would be so stressful for me because I love to travel so much.... but I think I have decided that it is only fun to plan trips if I am just planning it by myself or one other person. Groups are hard. If money hasn't been put down in advance... people bail on the trip up until just days before... even if they committed to drive. I feel like I can't count on people and it frustrates me because I would never do that. Even if you are committed... people may have different ideas of what they want to do on the trip.... which can be equally as frustrating. In the end... I guess I shouldn't care that much because things always work out... but I get frustrated with people. All of that being said... I'm excited for my upcoming trips.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful rainbow just right outside my house up against the mountain. It was a full rainbow. My camera couldn't fit the whole rainbow in. I never tire of seeing rainbows. I wish my pictures did them justice. I'm thankful for the beautiful world I live in and the beauty of nature that surrounds me.

Work has been pretty busy... but at least all of my co-workers are back now. For a little while it was just me and one other co-worker. Everyone left on vacation at the same time. Half of them went to Boston. What I did last year. Good place to go this time of year. I got the end of Fall when I went, they got the peak of it. I'm sure it was amazing. I'm glad they are back though... especially so I can not be here tomorrow. :) We just take turns being gone. When I get back... we will go to a movie. Glad they are going to wait for me. I look forward to the movie days.

My sister came into town from Cali. I wish I didn't have to work so I could see her more. Also bummed that she chose to come when I am going to be gone for 3 days. However... it is fun to go over to my parents house and visit for a while at night and see her kids. They are so cute and I wish I could see them all more often. Love family and when family comes to visit. Hopefully she sticks around for when I get back so that I get a little bit more time.


Kayleigh said...

That is super exciting about the pants. Don't you love that? :)

jamie hixon said...

It is kinda hard to plan trips to Utah when you are around... just sayin'. ;) It seems you are gone more often than you are there.

How was the deer meat? I don't think I'm a fan of straight up venison. That is kind of gross/awesome/hilarious that it was the deer you accidentally killed.

We watched Mad Men for a while and then decided that although it was a fantastic show, it was way too depressing. We had to stop. That is also how we felt about Breaking Bad.