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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Matt Nathanson & Joshua Radin Concert

Yesterday I went to another concert. I bought these ticket's in July. Why? Because I love Joshua Radin. Obviously... this is the 3rd time I have gone to see him in concert and two times in one year. Joshua Radin must like Salt Lake City. Although... this time, he was just the opener for Matt Nathanson, so he only performed for a half hour (sad face). I also like Matt Nathanson, but I went more for Joshua Radin to be honest.

Originally I was going to go with a couple of other Joshua Radin fans... the girls that I went to the first concert with and saw at the second concert. However, they mentioned buying two tickets each and wanting to maybe have dates by then and suggested I did the same. Well, I tried to get a date. I invited two different guys to this concert and the Imagine Dragons concert. They both turned me down for both. So... I thought.. forget about getting a date, I want to go with one of my friends that I know enjoys the artist with me! So... I ended up asking Liz to come with me and I was happy that not only did she say yes, but she was excited to come with me. So we went! We had a blast. I love my Liz time. :)

I was a little sad that this venue wasn't sit down like the last one. I feel like I am getting too old to stand around for that long. Luckily... Liz and I found this golden spot... It was pretty close to the front, to the side against the wall... so we could lean on the wall the entire time and put our purses down and be somewhat comfortable for having to stand. I was happy with it. :)

Joshua was first. He was awesome. Seriously, I could just listen to him all night long. He is classy... keeps his language and stories and humor pretty clean but is still funny and tells great stories. He is just great. Super great live. Liz and I both loved him the most.  Wish he could have performed longer. We loved how he ended his set though... with a jammed up version of an old song "Don't Think Twice It's All Right". He has done it before at other concerts, but I love it... and I recorded it this time.

Then came Matt Nathanson. I know a few of his songs and really like them, but overall just not as familiar with his stuff. He was very funny and had great stories... but not quite as classy as Joshua. A little crude and a little more language. Overall, I still liked him, he had GREAT audience participation, which I loved. It was a great show... at the end, Liz and I both agreed that we wished that Matt would have been the opener for Joshua. :)

I was very happy that he performed my favorite song though (obviously I like the more mellow stuff). I recorded it, but I didn't get the whole song, so I will attach this video instead.

Also ran into Erin! So fun since we went to the last concert together. Great show! So glad I went and that Liz came with me. I love music and concerts.


Lil Lizzie said...

I am listening to Joshua Radin right now! Thanks for a fun night :)

jamie hixon said...

I swear I haven't been to a concert in forever. I think I will feel like an old lady if I ever go to a "stand-up" venue again.