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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Corn Maze at Cornbelly's

Monday night for FHE, we went to the Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point. I was excited. Another check off of my Fall Bucket List. As you know, I try to go every year and I have done a pretty good job at it the last several years.

We had so many people come to this activity... I started out with one group (the one I drove with) and I didn't see them again until the drive home. I kind of wondered by myself and ended up with several different groups. Not a bad thing. They add more and more every year to that place. So much to do there. Too bad it was FREEZING or else I would have enjoyed it even more. Don't get me wrong... I still had a good time. We watched pig races (which was pretty cute). I looked at all the carved pumpkins on display that they have every year. Had to get a close up of a certain pumpkin. :)

I watched Daniel ride the mechanical bull. I walked around with different people...

And of course, I went through the corn maze. The theme this year was the rivalry between BYU and University of Utah. I went in with certain people... walked around by myself... then ran into Jessi... so we walked and talked for a while. Then we both ran into Allison, Melinda and Josh... so we continued the maze with them...

And we finished. Hooray. That is always a nice feeling after you hit many dead ends and go in a lot of circles. ha ha

It was a fun time. It always is. Especially with a big group. It was fun mixing with a bunch of different people from the ward... I have even made some new friends.

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jamie hixon said...

Looks fun. I should go in the corn maze this year. Ours isn't as epic as yours, of course.

PS I hope one of those pigs was named Babe.