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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 191

Another week.... It's gotten colder, more leaves have fallen. Getting deeper into fall. I need to get cracking on my fall bucket list. I also still need to decide what I'm going to be for Halloween! I love dressing up.. so I really need to get on this or else I'm afraid I will end up with a lame costume. Don't want that.. so if you have any suggestions for me... bring it on.

I finished Sherlock... now I'm watching Mad Men. I just finished the 1st season. Not sure what I think about it still.

Still haven't weighed in. Partially lazy, partially nervous I won't have lost anything because I have been cheating so much. Still doing the diet though... I'm hoping this last order is my last order. I'm ready to be done with this diet. My roommate though... she is going strong. Sticking to it and in two weeks has lost almost 10 pounds. This program works... that's for sure. I love it.  I also love helping other people get healthy and lose weight.

Tuesday I tried a new recipe. I forget how much I love cooking and trying new recipes because I rarely do it because of trying to lose weight for the last 5 months. I need to do it more though... just try healthy recipes. I made a stuffed acorn squash. Acorn squash was given to my by my parents from their garden. It was SO good. I will blog the recipe this weekend. Great fall dish.

I have been loving all my concerts I have been going to and am excited for the concert I'm going to tomorrow with my mom and sister. I'm almost more excited for them to go to the concert than I am for me because I know they never go and they are going to love it. Concerts are so fun.

It amazes me the power that facebook has. My friend, Sean... from my Riviera days has a daughter that had a hole in her heart. His picture that he posted of his daughter in the hospital was taken and used by some advertising company to get sympathy "likes" for advertising and facebook stats. He turned it around in a positive way and got people to donate to the hospital that gave his daughter her life. It is an awesome story that is getting a lot of press. Here is a video of the story. Sean and I went on a date back in the day. Such a small world. Anyway, it amazed me the difference one person can make... especially with tools that we have now with everyone being online and everyone on facebook. I loved that he took a hard situation and instead of getting upset about it, he turned it around in his favor and turned it to a great thing. What a great example. I think we should all make the best out of the situations we are given and if we have the chance to make a difference, we should! How inspiring.

This last weekend was General Conference. It was so great! So many great things that I needed to hear. Not only am I thankful for General Conference every 6 months... but I am thankful for technology that makes General Conference so accessible. Let's be honest... I slept through part of conference, but was able to pull it up online sometimes within the hour that the session was over... so I was able to stay caught up with conference. I LOVED it. Our ward had a breakfast Saturday morning. I was amazed, inspired and impressed by the people that I am surrounded by. A bunch of my peers gathered Saturday morning to all watch General Conference together. How awesome is that? What a great weekend.

Breakfast of Champions

Me... not being a morning person and people noticing

I couldn't fit everyone in... but everyone that was there... in the basement room watching and the main living room.

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You are looking pretty darn skinny there, missy!