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Monday, October 21, 2013


I know I have a lot of friends on facebook.... but I really do know most of them. If I don't know one of them personally... I added them because we had some sort of connection.

This last weekend I was in Havasupai. I will blog more about that later... but while planning for the trip, we had a lot of people flake out. Typical.... Anyway... so I sent out a facebook message to see if I could find some people to go with me and fill some spots.

I had several people reply to that message. I mean... why wouldn't you. It's a chance to go to Havasupai. A place that takes reservations months in advance. One of the people that replied to the message was a guy named Dustin (Dusty). He said "Hey Tracy, I don't know how I know you... but I have always wanted to go to Havasupai. Although you are probably driving from Provo. I'm in Cali.. bummer".

I wondered how I knew this guy. When I went to write him a message, it pulled up our old chat history. He added me on facebook back in 2008. Why? Well... he was a tech for Apx when I was a data entry girl... so we had spoken on the phone several times and he added me. We both had completely forgot.

I wrote him back telling him that we had spots so he was welcome to come and meet us there and bring a friend if he wanted. Everyone else that replied to my message flaked out... but Dusty and his friend came!

We corresponded a few times with some details... but we didn't really know what we were doing either, so it was hard to tell him exactly where to go and where to meet. Even though he told me he was coming, since I had never met him and didn't know him, I wondered if we would really meet up.

They ended up getting there way before us... hiking in and thought we were already there and were looking for us. He started asking everyone they met if they saw a group from Utah or had spoken to Tracy Mills. We ran into other people that told us two guys were looking for us. We just laughed... but were happy to know they had made it.

By the time we hiked 8 miles to the village and checked in at the office, the guy at the front desk asked me if I was Tracy Mills. I said yes. He told me two guys were really worried and were looking for me and told me the whole story that Dusty had told him of the miscommunication and how they were looking for us and so on and so forth... and then handed me a note.... which made me laugh even more.

It was getting dark. I was wondering how we were going to find Dusty. I didn't even know how we were going to find our other people and where they set up camp. It was dark, but we finally found our friends and where they had set up camp. Guess what? Dusty and his friend were there. He had asked everyone he saw around camp until he found our friends that knew me. Determined guy. I was happy he found our group. I'm also happy he and his friend came. It was fun to have them there.

This is something I love about facebook. Meet random people and be able to take opportunities because of facebook. I think it is awesome that Dusty wanted to go to Havasupai and was given an opportunity and even though it was a little more difficult (not knowing anyone and meeting up with everyone from a different state) he took it. So glad he did... and now our facebook friendship is legit. We know each other now. :)

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jamie hixon said...

That it hilarious! And he must be an extrovert, because I don't know if I would ever do that. I'm glad you were able to fill some spots. And I'm glad they weren't secretly murderers or something.