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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 194

Holy Moly it's the last day of October! Halloween! This month always flies by. I love it though. Nothing better than fall and all of the fall and Halloween activities that come with it.

Today at work is chill... seems like Friday. Why? Because we have all the cute trick or treaters that come to our offices and our floor had a pot luck. SO MUCH FOOD! Our department just hung out in there and ate... a lot. I ate too much. I also went to Zumba and we did the Thriller dance. It's tradition. One that I love. :)

I am getting another client to be a health coach for. My dear friend. I'm so excited! I love helping other people lose weight... especially because I have become to passionate about this program. I want other people to be as well.

My roommate Jessica gets married this Saturday, so we had a bridal shower for her at our house. This means I will be getting a new roommate this weekend. Jessica will be missed and hopefully Carla will be a great addition to the house. She seemed nice when I met her. I seem to go through SO MANY roommates. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to find roommates anymore. I have great ones though.

I bought a nice new backpacker's backpack this week... in prep for my trip in like 10 days. I wish I would have bought it before I went to Havasupai. It's nice! It made me excited for my trip... and upcoming backpacking trips. Also made me want to invest in other quality camping gear... that I do have it when I need it and go somewhere awesome. I was thinking I should pick one thing a month or every other month that I can add to my camping gear collection. I'm loving this idea.

Today 22 year old that I met in Michiana was texting me because he heard "Fishing in the Dark" while he was at the gas station and he thought of me. Cute. We text back and forth... it was fun because I hadn't heard from him in a while. Oddly, right after that my cousin Trav called me! They must have been on the same wave length. Trav called me because he heard "Purple Rain" on the radio. I love that they both thought of me because of songs that reminded them of me and then called or text me. I always love talking to Travis. He is the coolest.

I had to watch Nightmare Before Christmas by myself this year. I was a little sad that I couldn't find anyone that wanted to watch it with me. I love that movie. Don't understand people who don't. ha ha. Oh well.  Speaking of shows... I'm almost done with Mad Men and then I will need to watch a new show. Maybe I should wait until I get back from my trip.

I'm kind of sad that Halloween is over. I didn't even get into it that much this year. I never dress up for work... because nobody does. My costume this year was... well, REALLY simple. Still cute, my roommate Sabrina dressed up with me. But I'm glad I still dressed up and went to a Halloween Party. Wouldn't have felt like Halloween without doing that. Pictures to come.

Funny moment tonight. I saw my friends Jordy and Nick dressed up as Ninja Turtles at the party I went to. One of their Ninja Turtle friends that I didn't know looked at me and said... "Weren't we supposed to go on a hot Tinder date?" I laughed because I thought he was joking. He says, "No, I'm serious, what's your name?" I tell him. He's like yeah, we were and he reminded me of our conversation. I laughed. He had never met me before and recognized me with a mask on. Pretty impressive. ha ha. So funny. Made me laugh.

I guess I don't really have anything else to report for this week. I went to John's soccer game on Wednesday night. The game wasn't until 11pm! What the... he is super good though. It was fun to watch him play. Other than that... I have been enjoying the fall weather, and fall trees and of course... fall fashion. I love boots and cardigans and fall colors. :) It's the most wonderful time of the year. Seriously.


Bre said...

um, confessions from this brunette...I've never seen Nightmare before Christmas!

Tracy Mills said...

Girl! You need to change that! ASAP! :)

jamie hixon said...

Nightmare is essential!

And it sounds like life is going pretty great for you lately... yay!