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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Roommate Pumpkin Carvings

The roommates and I all bought our pumpkins at different times... but we decided to bond and carve them all together.

Daniel happen to be over and I was all over the place doing a million things, so he was nice enough to cut and gut my pumpkin for me. What a peach!

We all picked our designs and got to work. I almost chose the same pattern as Sabrina... good thing I didn't. She copied a picture and free handed it though. I was impressed.

I chose to carve the minions in my pumpkin from "Despicable Me" why? because I wish I had some minions of my own. They are so dark cute and funny.

It isn't my best work, but I thought my pumpkin turned out pretty good. I didn't carve the teeth because I didn't want to mess up the pumpkin (should have done that first. Oh well).

The 3 of us together with our pumpkins (I hadn't carved the eyes out yet, so it looks like my minions are wearing sunglasses).... which are now outside on the porch. I sure love Halloween!


Lynette Mills said...

Love all of them

jamie hixon said...

Awesome job! A family in my ward with a bald dad and 10 kids went to the trunk or treat as Gru and his minions (including his wife). It was hilarious.