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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Office Space

Some of you may wonder where it is that I work and where I sit all day for work. Sometimes I mention work... but usually it is when we do something fun and are not in the office. For the rest of the time... when I'm not doing fun stuff, I sit in my office... all day... everyday. I posted pictures and stuff of my office before here. Since then. I moved down to the 4th floor AND I have a window office. So much more legit.

Also, I have gotten all caught up on my work lately... and I have been going through my office and cleaning and getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore. I also have two monitors in this office, which I love. Not sure why I didn't do that from the beginning. This way, I can have work up on one... and on the other I can have gchat, Pinterest, Facebook and Netflix up. :) I know... my work life is awesome. OH! Not only did I clean and organize... I added some plants to my office and a map and some more pictures. My office looks so awesome now. Love it. It has been needing a makeover for a while.

So here is my normal everyday work life.... just so you know my life isn't ALWAYS exciting. :) I wake up at 8am. I throw on some clothes and grab some food and drive 5 minutes to work... I know... tough commute. This get's me to work around 8:30am. I work in this nice building *picture taken from the back... that stream is my favorite part of the Novell Campus.

Gotta have my badge to get in. I haven't changed badges or gotten a new picture for my badge since I started working there 4 1/2 years ago.

I hop on the elevator to the 4th floor. Walk down a long hall. Turn and walk down another short hall. There is my office. It is called the fish bowl office because it has more window's and you are on display for everyone that walks down that hall to use the copy machine... which is a lot.

Closer look at my office. Now you can see my name on my office. I unlock, go in... set my stuff down, log into my computer and check to see if I have anything urgent that I need to take care of. If not... I go fill up my water and say hi to my co-workers... then I go back and sit in my office... for the rest of the day! With the exception of getting more water and going to the gym on my lunch break or getting Negotiators to sign paperwork or to ask them questions... yep, I sit in this office ALL DAY.

So... it's nice that I made it a little nicer right? Let's take a look shall we? First of all, since I have a window office, let's look at my view from my window. It's mostly the parking lot... but you can see beyond the parking lot. Sometimes we see deer running in the field next to the golf course. We can also see the mountains pretty well. If we are being honest though, the other side of the building has the better view. Not complaining. I LOVE having a window office. Love natural light and SUNSHINE!

Here is my white board that I really don't use, so I covered most of it up with a map. I love maps. Plus... my co-workers and I are always talking about our travels anyway... I feel like this is more useful in conversation than my white board. Please also take note of the tree that I added to the corner. I love it. Brings so much life to my office. Also, thanks to my old roommie, Megs, for my gym bag!

Then there is my desk. This is pretty much what I look at all day... working on licensing and consulting contracts and doing other things like update the innerweb... (notice my name at the bottom) while I watch Netflix.

I have some shelves. Every office does. Not sure why... I don't think that many people have THAT much stuff that they need shelves on top of their big desk. However... I have them, so I put stuff on them. Like work recognition awards and such. Oh.. I have a chair for guests too... that happens sometimes.

Large desk space and more shelves. We really get a lot of space that I don't feel like I need, but I guess it is nice to have all the same. :)

There you have it. A glimpse into my everyday life. So every time you get an email from me during the day... or if you are gchatting with me, or facebooking me during to day... now you know where I am. Pretty neat huh? Yeah.... not really. Welcome to my world.


Kristy said...

Pretty cool Tracy. Nice work space.

Lori said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of your office :) I like the improvements since I was last there. And, nice selfie ;) You are so beautiful. (I recently learned that word... I'm so behind on the times living in the wilderness) Haha. See you very soon! Love you

jamie hixon said...

I can't believe you have been there for 4 1/2 years! And thanks for walking me through, now I know exactly what to do if I ever need to impersonate you and steal things from your office (Alias style) or something. :)

PS you have a SWEET job.