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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby Ezra

The day before my birthday, my newest nephew Ezra was born. He was supposed to come at the beginning of the month, but I guess he wasn't ready yet.

Today he had his baby blessing. It was a beautiful blessing given by his dad that our entire family came to listen to (along with going to the Gilbert Temple open house and to just spend time together because it hasn't happened in a long time).

This trip was my first time meeting Ezra... a little over a month old. What a cutie. He is such a sweet boy and sleeps a lot, which makes him fun to snuggle with. I love him. I love all of my nieces and nephews. I have been having fun getting a lot of baby time and lots of time with my other nieces and nephews as well.

I didn't take any nice pictures of Ezra because... well his daddy is the real photographer. So I stole a couple of theirs. So glad Ezra joined our family.

Here is me with baby Ezra.... holding him for the first time.


jamie hixon said...

Sorry I took a blurry picture! You should have asked Dan! Ha. I'm so glad you got to come and meet him... you were a delight to have around! I'm still craving more of that yummy fruit pizza.

Lynette Mills said...

Me too, it was gooooood!