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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Photo Shoot

Allison moved into my ward at the beginning of the school year. As soon as we met we became instant friends. Pretty much she is a younger version of me we are finding out. Which means she is pretty cool. ;)

At the beginning of Winter, we decided to make a winter bucket list. Why? Because I love bucket lists and I have been making them for every season and I was determined not to get depressed this Winter. Therefore I needed to keep busy with fun things. So.... one of the things we put on our bucket list was a Winter photo shoot with cute Winter attire (like the trendy winter leggings). So I brought my leggings on our Yurt trip for me and Allison to wear and take pictures. What better place to take pictures than in the middle of the wilderness in Northern Utah in a snow storm? Yes... we thought it was a good idea.  So we just took a few pictures and then we had to snow shoe back to the car. So here are our pictures. I love my leggings. (both of them are mine)

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jamie hixon said...

Were you FREEZING with just those leggings on?? I would have been afraid of turning into a meat popsicle. The pictures are awesome though, I like the first one best. Glad you have another good friend!