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Monday, February 24, 2014

Utah Dining

One day I realized how many places there were to eat in just Provo/Orem alone. So many food trucks or tiny little places that you pass by without even taking a second glance. Then there are hole in the wall places that I always wondered are even any good.

I told my new wardie BFF that I wanted to go and try all of those places that I had never eaten at before. It would be an adventure. It would be funny at times. Hey! Maybe we would even discover hidden gems! She was totally in... so our journey began.

This will be an ongoing thing, so here are the ones we (or I) have hit up since we decided to take this journey.

Rocky Mountain Drive Inn - Provo

This is one that I have driven by SO many times and have wondered. Who goes there? I never see anyone there. Is it any good? Allison and I went there first and found out. Turns out they have all kinds of things on their menu... burgers, fries, corn dogs, shrimp & chips, shakes, scones and more.

Here's what we got.

It wasn't terrible. It wasn't awesome. Will we go back? Probably not.... but now I know!

MountainWest Burrito/Waffle Love - Provo

We had been hearing a lot about Waffle Love. After a hike up in the mountains we decided it was time to try it out. When we got there we realized we hadn't had dinner and the Waffles were very much a dessert thing. So what did we do? We went next door to MountainWest Burrito. I have been there before, but Allison hadn't (I think) but I love that place. So good. Everything they use is local too... which is awesome. So we ate there.

Then went back over to Waffle Love and got Waffles... to go, because that was a lot of food all at once. ha ha. Maybe wan't the best idea in the world. So good though.

LOVE both. Will we go back? Of course!

Hu Hot - Spanish Fork

This one I actually did with work. It's a Mongolian Grill. I have been to the one in Springville, but not this one. It's new. I like Mongolian Grills. They are kind of fun that you get to choose what you want and they grill it for you... you can go back again and try something else. I love it. It's good. It can be healthy (which is the route I took... veggies and meat no pasta). It is a little expensive though. Will I go back anytime soon? Probably not. I don't crave it, but it is fun and I like it.

Sodalicious - Provo

This is a little soda place. They make all kinds of yummy combo's of drinks. McKenzie and I tried this out together. I loved mine. It was a peach mango drink. I can see myself craving this and going back this summer for little drink treats.

Eggrollin - Provo

Last we have Eggrollin. I had passed by it a couple of times just noticing the stand (since I am not on the look out for places that I haven't noticed before. Eggrollin is a truck with Filipino food! I had never tried Filipino food before so I was excited. After a hike with some friends, we decided to give it a try since none of us had tried it before. Surprisingly RJ had never tried it before because he is from the Philippines.

We all LOVED it! So good. So much food for a good price. Would I go back again? Absolutely! Yum! I am loving this new challenge of appreciating and loving where I live.

Until next time!


Lynette Mills said...

Dad and I went to the Mongolian grill in SF and liked it. I really want to try waffle love. I think your little challenge is great. I want to do it too!

jamie hixon said...

This is great. That Hu Hot stuff actually looks amazing to me... and the soda truck does not look appealing at all because I don't really like soda. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Ha. I totally want to try Waffle Love. They have those trucks here in AZ also.

jamie hixon said...

Oh, PS I'm pretty sure that Dan went to that first place with Ron the last time we were in town. Funny that he tried it before you and we don't even live there. Also, Eggrollin' looks fab. I want to come visit just to try all that food! Ha.