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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 210

OH. MY. GOSH! It is February and it feels like April. The weather has been AMAZING!!! I have loved it SO MUCH! I know that we need more snow.... but I don't mind this at all. I have even sat in my car on my lunch break a couple of times and just soaked in the sun.

Friday night I was watching a movie with John in my basement. The next day, I ran into this guy in my ward. He asked me what I had done the night before. Before I could even answer he said "Oh, you were watching a movie". It took me a second but I was like... umm, how did you know I was watching a movie? I don't remember telling you that AND I don't remember you coming over. He said, oh I saw you through the window. I said the basement window? How? He tells me he saw a light coming from the basement window so he looked in and saw us. It's one thing to glance as you walk by... but then he said, yeah.. I saw that you were with John cuddling on the couch and you both had intense looks on your faces (probably because we were watching an intense movie) and I was like... ummm CREEPER! Why were you staring at us through the basement window? Needless to say I have been closing my blinds since because I paranoid of people staring at me through the window.

My neighbor has a turtle. She has had it for another a year now and it has gotten a lot bigger. Sometimes she takes it outside to walk around. He always goes for the parking lot and streets... so she tied a balloon around him. Seems reasonable right? It was pretty funny to watch.

I finally got my sleeping pad! I'm so ready for summer camping. Is it summer yet? ha ha. It's an awesome sleeping pad. John has the same one and let me sleep on it one night when we camped at Havasupai. Now I am set for my Winter gear and camping gear. I plan on doing a lot of camping this summer. Super excited. I'm pretty sure I don't need anything else... unless I'm going hardcore and get a water filter or something like that. I think I'm good for now. Mini stove? Probably need one of those eventually.

Speaking of camping gear. John also helped me waterproof my tent. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone through the trouble to do that. It will help though in case I camp in the rain or heavy dew. Veda and I want to Camp at Big Sur... so no doubt it was a good move.

I'm trying to brush up on my Spanish... my co-worker suggested using the App "Mindsnacks". It's ok. Basically it's games that help you memorize words. If anyone has any better suggestions of how to brush up on Spanish without taking a class... let me know :)

Weeds are taking over my fish tank. Today I went to Reef Runners and I bought a couple of peppermint Shrimp to help eat out the weeds. Recommended by my fish expert cousin who has a bunch of coral for me when I go to see him. Anyway... one of them is already dead! One of the fish attacked it and yep... it's dead. Dang it. Hopefully the other one survives. I also got a star fish. I will have to go back and get another one. I need to go back and get water from there anyway. This really is a learning experience for me. A fun one though. I need some other tank cleaning sea creatures though... lots of stuff is starting to grow in there. I can't tell which stuff that is growing is good and which is bad. Also there are some snails that just appeared and moving around the tank that I never noticed before. Very cool.

I read this article. It made me feel a little better about my body image and that this is exactly the reason I shouldn't compare myself to images I see online

I'm going to learn how to do book binding. I have wanted to learn how and do a couple for a while. I finally got a few people from our craft group to want to do one with me. I'm going to do the leather bound route. My friend Allison (the one I went to Southeast Asia with) is a pro at book binding and is going to help us out. She told us she bought a leather jacket a DI and has been just cutting it up and using that every time she makes another book. Way cheaper than buying leather. So yesterday Sara and I took a trip to DI to see if we could find a leather jacket to cut up and use for our books. $5 and we even split the cost between the two of us, so we only paid a couple of bucks. Can't beat that! Nailed it!

I went to John soccer game again on Monday after going to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU for FHE. Both fun activities. John's soccer game was a little later, but they won... so that was good. His team now is more fun to watch than his last team.

Today was my 5 year anniversary at work. I already got a little framed certificate... but I got an email today (since it is the exact day 5 years ago that I started) thanking me for my services. What I wasn't expecting in my yearly email was a voucher. I clicked on this website they gave me the link to and I had a voucher for $200 to spend in one or more places. Places such as iTunes, Nike, Cabella's, Cheesecake Factory, etc.. So... I was pretty excited this morning. So I put $100 towards getting new running shoes from NIKE. I haven't decided what the other $100 will go towards yet. I have a year to use it. Thank you Novell!

On Sunday this guy that I used to like and go out with before I dated John showed up at my ward. He is a very touchy feely guy. He has come to church with me before (we actually met when he was visiting my ward in the early summer) so I know what goes down. To try and avoid some akwardness, I sat next to my neighbor Jed. He is the one that works at the piano bar and we like sitting by each other in church because we love to sing together. Jed is also a touchy feely guy. So I sat between two guys that were sitting VERY close to me and both whispering to me and so on. The one visiting tries to find any excuse to touch me and sometimes he just stares at me. Like... not even subtle about it. I always have to decide if I'm going to pretend like I don't see it in the corner of my eye or if I look at him and smile and say what? I do a little bit of both. He will just tell me how lovely I look or that  smell good and smells my hair. It would be flattering if it weren't kind of creepy. It's overboard. I think he thinks he is being pretty charming though. Don't worry... he doesn't ask me on dates, we just have these awkward encounters here and there. I keep busy though (while listening to the speakers of course). This is what happens when you sit next to me in church....

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jamie hixon said...

Man, you are going to need to grow a forest of trees to keep up on your crane making. What if you did that? If you had this forest and people were like, "Tracy, what is this forest for?" and you were like, "Oh, this is my forest that supports my crane making addiction."

PS I need a voucher! "You must spend money at one of these fine establishments." ... Yes please.