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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Donut Falls

About a month ago Allison and I tried to hike to Donut Falls. It is supposed to be one of the easiest hikes in Utah. The website said it was a good hike for children and the elderly. So we decided that was a good hike for us. I just called my post Winter hiking because I was too embarrassed that we didn't find the falls... since they were supposed to be so easy to get to.  I feel like they should specify that it is a little different in the Winter than other times of year.

Allison and I were determined to find the falls. How could we have missed them? This time we brought Josh and RJ with us and went earlier in the day (so we could have more light and run into other people) to grantee that we would find the falls this time.

So we started round two on our attempt to hike to donut falls. We were on the same trail... so we know we did that right. We kept asking people if we were going the right way. Everyone assured us we were. So far so good.

Then we got to the same dead end that we did before. Everyone claimed that is where the falls were. Where were they? How could we miss them? We didn't hear a waterfall. The only thing we could think to do that we didn't do before was climb the ice hill... which was scary.

Once we got a good way up the ice hill without slipping to our death (ok that is a bit dramatic but that is what it felt like) we heard voices. Voices that soon came out of this hole. This hole.... which lead to Donut Falls! No wonder Allison and I missed it before! We had no idea we were looking for a hole to climb in to.

We were so happy we made it this time. It was pretty awesome too. We were so confident we were going to find it this time that we brought donuts to eat at Donut Falls. We are awesome like that.

Once you are inside... it looks pretty rad I must say. We were all glad we made the scary climb up the ice. Totally worth it. Oh.. and the way down? Had to slide down on your butt. It was a little scary but we all made it safe. Cold... but safe.

Then we hiked back. We all had a good time. Now we need to find a new spot to adventure to. Until next time...


jamie hixon said...

"The website said it was a good hike for children and the elderly. So we decided it was a good hike for us" Ha!

So you have to go through the donut hole to get to the falls huh? Tricky. It looks very beautiful. I would love to take my kids there, I'm sure it would look like a pirate cave to Asher.

William said...

WOW! How cool is that place?!? I would love to do that hike too :) We would all love going into a hole... cave, adventure! Maybe we can hike there when we come in the summer? Rad Tracy, you do such fun stuff :)