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Monday, February 10, 2014

Scofield Reservoir Ice Fishing

Saturday was round two for me with ice fishing. Crazy huh? I had never been ice fishing before and wanted to try it and end up doing it twice in one week with two different groups. Good times. This time was a different experience. The first time was fun because I enjoy being out in nature and hanging out with my co-workers... but this time was better. Let me tell you why.

It was snowing. At first I thought this would be a bad thing, but when it is snowing, it is warmer outside. Therefore, it was not -20 degrees. There was a bit of wind, which IS cold. This brings me to the next thing that made this trip better. Brother Hyde brought a tent to get out of the wind. In that tent there was also a heater that kept us warm. Awesome? Yes!

Next thing. Brother Hyde made biscuits and gravy for everyone. It was delicious and warmed us up from the inside. He also brought trail mix. Pretty much Brother Hyde is the best.

We of course we ate after drilling all of the holes. We drilled about 7 holes and propped up a fishing pole in each hole. Drilling those holes are hard work! Yet another reason why this trip was more successful. We went with people who knew what they were doing and more holes means more chances of success!

 Everyone just kept an eye on all the poles. When we saw one of the poles moving... we all got excited and ran to that hole and someone would pull the fish out.

Sometimes we would sit at one of the holes with the pole in our hands. Just to feel more legit, even though you really didn't need to.

Another reason why the trip was better was because we ACTUALLY caught fish! We only caught 3 and they were smaller fish, but hey! I was thrilled we were catching stuff. It was so exciting every time it happened!

Then of course the company was great too. Brother Hyde and his son are fun. My friends are fun and John and I have always had fun together no matter what we are doing. How were we all not going to have fun. All experiencing something new. We left around 7:30am and came home around 2:30pm and I think everyone will agree that we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came and thanks to Brother Hyde for taking care of us and showing us how it's done and showing us a great time.


jamie hixon said...

Ok, I'd go on that one. haha. I'd come for the biscuits and gravy alone... that looks good!

Tracy said...

The biscuits and gravy was a selling point for some to come. ha ha

William said...

That is so cool Tracy! What a fun time. Did you eat your fish?!?

Tracy Mills said...

No, too small. It was fun though. :)